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EEC Roadshow

The EEC accelerates the roadshow for foreign investors 'Penitentiary' in Hangzhou to invest in Eastern Special Economic Zone 'Focus' on eco-city

Mr. Kanis Sangsuphan, Secretary-General of the Council for Development of Special Economic Zones, Eastern Seaboard, said that the EEC roadshow was being implemented in accordance with the operational plan. To boost investment from potential Chinese investors in the Special Economic Zone (EEC) area, as soon as possible.

The event was sponsored by the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited (ICBC). According to the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed together.Special Economic Zone Development Office (EASTW), Office of Investment Promotion (BOI), CAT Telecom Public Company Limited (CAT) and

The Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA) has presented a plan to develop the Eastern Special Economic Zone (EEC). And the Industrial Promotion ProjectAction and Digital Innovation (Digital Park Thailand or EECd) to more than 200 top Chinese executives.

He also invited investors to expand their investments to the EEC and EECd areas by ensuring that the government of the Prime Minister Intended to drive Development of Eastern Special Development Zone It has invested in infrastructure that is geared towards the growth of the industrial sector, as well as the creation of cities for eco-cities and the improvement of regulations to facilitate investment and business operations. The BOI and the BOI have worked together to provide investment incentives for Chinese investors to invest in the EEC and EECd areas, so that Chinese investors will be confident. These well-groomed.

ICBC plays an important role in supporting financial advisors for Chinese investors interested in investing in the EEC and EECd areas, based on their financial readiness and global presence, as well as their experience as advisors. Financial services to multinational businesses around the world.

BOI CAT and DEPA's Investor Relief Activities Focus on Attracting Potential Chinese Investors in 10 Target Industries The city of Hangzhou is that.

China's Silicon Valley is China's leading multinational corporation with advanced technology. In addition, the faculty will meet with leading Chinese companies.

Many companies are engaged in ongoing negotiations, such as Alibaba and Honeywell, and visit other leading technology companies in China. In Hangzhou and Shanghai.

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