Hot News: THE FACE SHOP cosmetics No. 1 Korea responds to government policy
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THE FACE SHOP cosmetics No. 1 Korea responds to government policy

The FACE SHOP, the number 1 cosmetics from Korea Response to government policy Join to reduce the risk of spreading the coronary virus 2019 (COVID-19) under the strategy.

"Beautiful fight with Covid-19 With The Phase Shop "to create peace of mind. And provide convenience to customers with 2 measures to prevent and control disease. The first measure, The Phase Shop, requires that branches that are still open for service are strict in controlling the disease. By having the temperature monitored to the service staff every day And all employees must wear a mask And gloves while servicing all the time As well as providing sanitizing gel for hands at customers for free. There is also cleaning products and trial products every time they touch As well as cleaning and sanitizing inside the shop everyday There are 21 branches open for service at this time, which are all branches in other provinces.

Second, The Facebook has added more ways to sell products online. In addition to, customers can also purchase products via Line Official at @ In addition, each branch has a specific Line Group for employees to update new product news. Which customers can order products through the Line Group of each branch at any time For the convenience of direct communication with customers And able to answer questions to customers more quickly

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