Hot News: KitKat aims to expand consumer base
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KitKat aims to expand consumer base

Ms. Cruawan Varunpaichit, Business Executive Officer Food and Nestle Professional, Nestle Indochina, said KitKat is the worlds number one chocolate brand that has been around for nearly 100 years. KitKat has managed to capture the hearts of chocolate and confectionary lovers both in Thailand and throughout the world with its unique taste and distinctive texture, with a 12% market share in Thailand. In the past year, we have envisioned the opportunity for KitKat to expand business into areas that enable KitKat to be more than just a chocolate bar. Through Made with KitKat, the aim is to add flavor to each menu by targeting the B2B food business, which will expand the consumer base while innovating new business ideas. We recognize the trend for co-branding, which adds value while also expands business opportunities. We have therefore joined hands with well-known restaurant franchises such as Burger King, Gram, Krispy Kreme, Coffee Arigato, Cafe Amazon, and most recently Pang Siam, which launched the Traditional KitKat-based Cake in convenience stores and has been met with an unexpectedly positive response. Made with KitKat not only adds flavor and distinctiveness to the restaurants menus to attract customers, but the familiarity that consumers have in KitKats classic taste enables the creation of new tasty menus that makes everyone want to try. As a prime example, Pang Siams Traditional KitKat-based Cake has generated sales that are 65% beyond expectation within the first month of the products launch.

Furthermore, during the beginning of this new year, we aim to create fun and pass on happiness by offering new experiences through unique menus in cooperation with quality brands, most recently with Pang Siam, by launching products via 7-11. We also provide support for interested brands, including giving out advice through an expert team of chefs. Ms. Cruawan adds.

Made with KitKat offers 4 products that can be used as base ingredients, as follows:5. KitKat Spread, the spread of the chocolate that everyone is familiar with, mixed with wafers to maintain the crispy texture in the style of KitKat 6. KitKat Big Chunk Mix-in, crushed bits from the chocolate bar for sprinkling, adding flavor to every menu 7. KitKat 2 Finger Unwrap, unique bite-sized chunks that arent packed separately, helping to reduce global warning as well as increase convenience 8. KitKat Bites Mix-in, savory chocolate balls that are just the right size for decorating dessert dishes If you are interested in partnering with Made with KitKat, please contact Nestl? Professional for further information at:Website:

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