Hot News: 2019 Year of data-driven digital ecosystems
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2019 Year of data-driven digital ecosystems

Anothai Vetayakorn, Executive Vice President, Dell, EMC, Indochina region, revealed that the trend is global. Virtual assistants are still widely seen in technology for consumers. Including smart home technology, "Think or things", to vehicles that can connect to the internet By all these devices will learn your favorite To present the content And proactive information for you based on previous interactions And we will also see the ingenuity of the machine integrated into a system that combines real environments with virtual objects or augmented reality (AR) and systems to simulate virtual environments (virtual reality (VR) at home to create a virtual immersive experience real As if having a chef assistant in a virtual world that would create a simple meal For the family And you are able to connect to your personal health care system with more intelligent health tracking devices Which is a system that can capture information about the body Such as heart rate variations, sleep patterns and more so you can share this information with hospitals Look for better health care.

In addition, the virtual intelligence will continue to follow us to the workplace as well. Both the PC and the devices we use every day will learn from our habits and prepare apps. And the appropriate services in advance for immediate retrieval The progress in language processing (Natural Language Processing) and Voice Technologies will create dialogue to help communicate with the machine more efficiently. While the automation system And the robot system will create cooperation with technology to do things Get smoother and faster And with applications that provide virtual reality applications, both AR and VR help create a virtual experience both in and out of places. Just users have access to the information they need to work anywhere. Every time you want.

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