Hot News: High speed 2,800 km linking ASEAN
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High speed 2,800 km linking ASEAN

Mr. Pailin Chuchottaworn, Deputy Minister of Transport, revealed that the ASEAN economy has grown tremendously over the past few years, causing the government to accelerate its infrastructure.Connect the neighbors to drive the economy in the long run and to the ASEAN hub. The Ministry of Transport plans to build four high-speed rail projects linking ASEAN.The total distance of 2,800 km consists of 1. High speed rail link Laos - South China. Bangkok - Nakhon Ratchasima - Nong Khai routeAbout 600 km. 2. High-speed trains connecting the ECEC and Cambodia. Bangkok - U-Tapao Airport and Phase 2 of U-Tapao - Rayong. Total distance is 400 km.Malaysia - Bangkok - Hua Hin - Surat Thani and Phase 2 Surat Thani - Padangbazar Total distance 1,100 km 4. High speed rail Bangkok - Chiang Mai Distance

However, it will start bidding and build two routes in 2019 before launching its first service in 2022-2023.In the future, Thais will be able to take high-speed trains to Singapore or the capital city of China from the central station Bang Sue.

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