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Successmore Aim
'Singapore' market

Successmore Aim "Beyond Good to Great" for the Next Generation of AEC Lifestyle, Change life Social mobility And the Thai economy is sustainable.

Sittiwee Kiatichawanan, Executive Chairman of Suspension Systems Inc. revealed to for overseas business expansion, the new country is Singapore, Malaysia, the former market in Vietnam, Lao PDR, etc. Currently, there are 301,797 members and businessmen. Use different marketing strategies in each area. To meet the needs of customers with different cultural and linguistic background, people in foreign countries have the desire to earn and have a stable business as well as Thai people. This application is believed to help generate growth for business participants. It also helps to grow the company as well. This year, the company expects to generate revenue of over 3,500 million baht. The key strategy is the clear direction of the company in starting the business. Want to help millions of people have a better quality of life? The business system and support systems such as training systems. Product development Distribution of quality products and standard price. It's time to take action.

Zach is also committed to working alongside the delivery of social value. To improve the quality of life and well-being of people. Through the CSV program of the company, the project is organized at home and abroad at least twice a year, such as mobile medical unit project. For each mobile medical unit project. It has a synergy with business people and employees in the company. Those who are knowledgeable in medical examination and treatment of dental patients go to health check for the people in the community. Specialists in vision and eyeglasses are offered to the elderly. They also donated necessary items to students and villagers in the community, such as clothing, blankets, teaching aids, sports equipment, and children's toys, and developed computer rooms for teaching and learning. It also offers scholarships for students with good grades.

Dr. Noppakrid Nithilerdwichit, Chief Executive Officer of Succeeding Co., Ltd. said that this year, the company has adjusted its strategy to serve consumers in the digital age by utilizing 3 benefits that the organization introduced Digital Transformation Used to connect all activities of the company. For the convenience, speed, boundless and limitless.

  1. Digital Transformation Collaboration within the organization, such as the implementation of ERP systems to work together within the enterprise.
  2. Using the Digital Platform to facilitate communication and collaboration between organizations and business people. With the development of the application. Enhance the efficiency of work for business people. E-commerce, E-payment, Click and Collect services. Customers can choose to pick up their goods at the service. Or convenient location Real-time team reports and real-time personal assistance are available to help people work more efficiently.
  3. Using Digital Tools to help businesses reach their target audience. The company is also expanding its media business to include the latest generation of consumer electronics and consumer electronics. Enhance your membership through the online 'Successmore Leadership Academy (SLA)' that helps develop and enhance the success of your membership.

The five main strategies under the concept of Beyond Good to Great, which are committed to the development of people. Change life Social mobility

  1. Strong brand building, strong brand building
  2. Pass from Experience to Transformation
  3. Effective Management & Develop Leadership,
  4. Develop Loyalty Customers,
  5. Traditional & Digital Marketing Mix. Traditional vs. Digital Marketing

The past year has been a great success. Sales continue to grow. The company is expected to have over 1 million subscribers by the end of this year. Currently, there are 757,596 members.

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