Hot News: B.Grimm 'opened a Vietnamese solar power plant 677 mega
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B.Grimm 'opened a Vietnamese solar power plant 677 mega

Mrs. Preeyanart Soonthornvatha, Chief Executive Officer, B.Grimm Power (BGRIM), said that the DAU TIENG 1 and DAU TIENG 2 (DT1 & 2) projects have a total installed capacity of 420 MW in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Which is the largest solar power plant project in the ASEAN region, has launched commercial lighting (COD) for Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) on June 3 and 13, respectively, and the Phu Yen solar power plant project TTP, the installed capacity of 257 MW, has already been commercially distributed to EVN. On 10 June, it was considered the first COD. 2 project began recognizing revenue under contract to purchase electricity rates. Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) 9.35 US dollars per kilowatt hour for 20 years. However, the commercial electricity sales of these 2 projects, with a total capacity of 677 megawatts, make the production capacity of B Grim. Power grew by 31%, with the proportion of production capacity from renewable energy increasing to 30% from the original about 10% from this success. As a result, B. Grimm Power has a power plant that is A total of 45 commercial projects, including a combined cycle power plant, 17 solar power plant projects, 24 hydropower projects and 1 diesel power plant, with a total capacity of 2,892 megawatts. Which is under construction and development, another 11 projects which will be commercially operational by 2025, causing the total production capacity to inc

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