Hot News: 'Phu Tawan' raises 4 strategies to penetrate the global market
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'Phu Tawan' raises 4 strategies to penetrate the global market

Mr. Chatchai Wongmanarojsri, Founder and Managing Director of Phutawan Herb and Cosmetics Co., Ltd., who operates natural ingredients products brand 'Phu Tawan', revealed that the company as an SME entrepreneur with experience and expertise in research and development (R&D) production of products from natural ingredients and organic (Organic) in various types including bringing the body of academic knowledge to be passed on to the local farmer community agricultural product growers High quality Thai medicinal plants to be used as raw materials for the production of Phutawan brand products over the course of two decades On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Phutawan brand The company has built on such expertise. Ready to use the strength of 'nature' as an intermediary to create links between consumer groups, farmers and organizations together. Through the product under the name INSEE (Intree: Organic mountain) has a distinctive product ingredients from natural raw materials, the concentration is higher than 90% and provides high safety. Using organic ingredients that are certified by USDA, ECO-CERT and world-class institutions. Also included is Biodegradable Non-destructive and biodegradable raw materials in water resources without damaging corals, etc.

The company has used two main sources of raw materials to develop the brand 'Intree' (Intree : Organic mountain) which is Mae La Noi District. Mae Hong Son Province from the merger of different ethnic groups has established a group of hill tribe farmers under the name 'Organic Yim Agriculture Group' joins the cultivation of organic crops, 'Red Lemongrass', which has special properties in strong aroma. and high concentration of oil and the second major raw material production source is Thung Roeng, Chiang Mai Province. by groups of organic farmers in this area to plant Mon roses which is considered the queen of flowers on the mountain Which is best grown in the north of Thailand. The value of Rosa Poly Phenal extract acts as an antioxidant. slow down the deterioration of skin cells Restores vitality and vitality to skin cells. make your skin look younger For intree products targeting the upper level Especially the group of women with an average age of 25-35 years with a modern lifestyle. care for the environment love to travel Pay attention to cleanliness, focus on taking care of yourself. and likes to use products - products with natural ingredients and organic products. Currently, intree has approximately 60% of the main customers in the city, and about 40% of the others, including foreign customers. who are interested in quality organic products and concentrated ingredients

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Axalta 'reveals' the results of a survey of white Chinese hits

According to Nancy Lockhart, global automotive paint manager from Axalta, according to a national survey in China, car paint influences 99% of customers' purchasing decisions. White is the most popular ( 29%) and black (26%). Red and blue were ranked 5th and 6th respectively, according to the survey, 64% would change car brands. If they don't have a favorite color, 93% decide to buy a car based solely on their favorite color, while 7% let someone else help them decide on the color. In Germany, car paint influences 83% of customers' car buying decisions 63% were alone and 37% had their family help them decide.

Black was their favorite color, 32%, and blue came in second with 16%. Black reflects elegance. and blue reflects prudence, stability, and more than a quarter (27%) owns a black compact car.

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