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Krungthai - AXA Life Insurance aim Brand Refresh 'Wealth-Health' 'Revealed' premiums totaled 63.3 billion baht and new life insurance premiums totaled 12.36 billion baht.
Mr.David Korunic, Country Chief Executive of AXA Thailand and Chief Executive Officer of Krungthai-AXA Life Insurance Public Company Limited (KTAXA) stated said to www.iclicknews.com,This year, the company has launched a brand refreshing strategy,KTAXA is also undergoing a Brand Refresh which entails reshaping the look and feel of our identity. We have listened to our clients and partners and the refreshed brand will reflect both an alignment to our clients needs and our mandate to empower people to live a better life. The refreshed brand identity will be more human, modern, and simple and will be evident in our advertisements, stories, and overall identity.

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KBank service
'Chinese Millionaire'
KBank 'rolls out' 10 billion private Chinese clients, focusing on consulting, family property management Investment and service

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Emirates holds 'pro'
Special price 'tourist'
Emirates Airline New route to London Stansted Airport. Special price for travelers who want to travel from Thailand to destinations.

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IKEA Business
IKEA launches new large store
More than 6,300 million baht
Total area of 50,278 sqm.
No less than 4 million customers

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Canon PIXMA G 2010



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