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Hot News: 'Invisible Money' Digital Age
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Digital banking war is boiling. KTC 'pulls' new technology introduced to complement modern and different style 'aggressive' 3 new businesses. Pico Finance And the Nano Finance business is in line with the plan. GSB 'Focus' on AI technology, Chatbot, Speech Recognition. Customer service 'holds' GSB SUSTAINABLE BANKING, driven through 3 Banking Mechanisms.Traditional Banking, Social Development Banking and Digital Banking focus on sustainable growth. Taking care of Thai people and society to have a good quality of life.
Mr. Rathian Srimongkol Chief Executive Officer Krungthai Card PCL (KTC) or KTC revealed that this year is a challenging year and is expected to be pressured by the very high overall economic conditions. The company will focus on merger control the quality of the debt to be more intense. As well as to increase the card base, accounts receivable port, credit amount With a higher marketing expense for effective results With the expected target for the credit card business personal and car title-secured loans under the personal loan license,

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Srikrung Life Insurance
Broker Attack Market
Srikrung Broker Join hands with the business partner of Lach "Srikrung Life Broker" with a sales target of over 4,000 million baht. "Win" increases the number of 5,000

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TAT Launches 60
Happiness Path
'TAT-Alliance', Lache, 60 Tourism Happiness Campaign @ Muang Thai The Hello Winter Series Celebrates 60th Anniversary.

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G.D.P. 2020
G.D.P. Thailand
2020 grows 2.7%
Comparison of 2019 grew 2.5%

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