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Hot News: The "Economy" Slow Down - Dangerous "COVID-19"
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Govt. stimulus measures Fight the Coronary Virus Crisis 2019 (Kovid-19), Set 3, prepare to borrow 200,000 million baht to help unemployed low-income people hoping to 'disperse' the Thai economy. The impact of most people is limited to staying at home to prevent the spread. The government must accelerate the resolution of this epidemic to end quickly in order for the economic recovery to be fast. Because the economy that has been affected for a long time will deteriorate. Therefore, if the solution is slow The economic recovery is even more difficult.
Mr. Somkid Jatusripitak Deputy Prime Minister revealed that the stimulus measures to alleviate the problem of the coronary epidemic in 2019 (Covid-19) have called an urgent meeting in all parts to discuss the stimulus measures. To support the effects of the 3rd covid-19 virus outbreak, as it is already known that most Thai economies are now disrupted.

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Thai Life Insurance Aim
"Gold Health"
Thai Life Insurance Leach "Gold Health Insurance" covers a monthly fee of up to 5 million baht, with coverage for illness and accidental subcontracts of the Covid-19 virus.

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TG Forword
Remanagment Plan
Transport 'hijack' Thai Airways makes a business rehabilitation plan, borrowing money from 30 billion to manage the organization vigorously Reducing the cost of Thai Airways.

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Garden Home 'Grow'
Green Metro Project
Phut northeast townhouse
Worth 1,300 million
amount 2,000 units

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New Nissan Almera

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