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Hot News: 'Flood' Must Accelerate The Help and Rehabilitation of Villagers
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KBank has joined forces with Garena to launch an easy top-up service via K PLUS. Special promotions will be arranged to give K PLUS customers value-for-money benefits from September 10 to November 10, 2019.
Ms. Kitiya Rerkpooritat, KBank First Senior Vice President, said This cooperative effort with Garena will allow KBank to facilitate gamers and gain access to their market, which has lately seen rapid growth. This new service allows gamers to make Garena game top-ups via termgame.com on the K PLUS application or on the AirPay using K-Credit Card or K-Debit Card

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Muang Thai Smile
Society Happy sound
"Muang Thai Smile Club" that not only creates happiness, smiles, and is a leader in creating various benefits And also shared the awakening of the positive energy To give members the opportunity Forward happiness, smiles and good things to the society.

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Asiatique The Riverfront
Organized 4 big events
Asiatique The Riverfront Project Join hands with leading stores, renovate the image, 3 main warehouses, show 4 activities, the main highlights hurry, pulling the Mystery Mansion, the mysterious castle, thrilling tourists.

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New Project, The Chao Phraya River'
1.Chapter Charoen Nakhon
2.Zimis Rama 9
3.Regent some hidden

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The Supreme Court has increased the penalty for 'Bunsong' for state-to-state rice drainage fraud.
Stores participating in the Tasting Shop Use Program
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