Hot News: 'Youth' Power of Thai Nation
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'Youth' Power of Thai Nation

Gen Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister and Head of National Peace Corps (KBC), revealed that the way to win a good man. One way that is called "autocracy" is to be a benefactor. Behavior in the benefits to others such as helping to work for the society. With intent Good And intellect For this year's National Children's Book, "Little Hero" has the contents of the book. This is a good presentation of Thai youth selected from all regions of the country. It's fun and imaginative and a great example. Thai children love to know harmony. Follow the footprints of the Buddha. In the past, I have not been able to do anything. Of His Majesty This is consistent with the current popular volunteer program "We do good by heart" and on the same occasion. His Majesty . For children and youth "We have a lot of good things. The ancestors have created us all children, the future of the nation. It has the duty to preserve and maintain those good things and to develop them to grow more and more. "

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