Hot News: Household debt of 61, record high of 3.16 hundred.
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Household debt of 61, record high of 3.16 hundred.

Mr. Tanawat Boonvichai, Director, Center for Economic and Business Forecasting According to a survey of 1,203 people in the country, This is a record high. Since the 2009 survey, the growth rate of 5.8% has increased compared to the survey of 2560 household debt with the average debt of 2.99 billion baht / household. Debt in the system declined by 74.6% in 2007 and 35.3% in non-performing loans. This is a result of a 26.4% increase in the survey in 2017. Although household debt in 2018 is the highest since Surveyed If you look at the structure of household debt is not worrying. Because of the question, most respondents answered that. The debt is used to buy assets such as home automation and investment business such as investment in machinery, purchase raw materials, etc., and from the debt to spend on daily life. Some farmers are affected by the price of agricultural products. And the group has no income more than 30 thousand baht / household. There is more debt to spend in the household because of higher living expenses.

If you look at monthly installments. In the year 2018, the average monthly installments amounted to 1.59 billion baht / household / month, 3.15% higher than the year 2017. The average installment was 1.54 billion baht / household / month. "The structure of the household debt surveyed. It is not surprising that the National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB) said that current household debt accounted for 77% of GDP or about 12 trillion baht or decreased. 3-5 years old, household debt accounts for 80% of GDP.

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