Hot News: King Power Takeover 'Mahanakorn Building'
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King Power Takeover
'Mahanakorn Building'

King Power spends 14,000 million baht to buy the Mahanakorn Building, Observation Deck, and the Metropolitan Building. Hope for the tourism business.

Mr. Aiyawat Srivatprapa, Chief Executive Officer of King Power Group, said that the decision to invest 14 billion baht in this business.Because of the property. The purchase is a property that is consistent with the business that the King Power Group has been operating.

We are confident that Thailand's tourism industry is a potential industry and is likely to continue to grow. And ensure that it will strengthen the intensity. The strength of the King Power Group business is stronger.

In acquiring this property, the Company has acquired assets in the Metropolitan Building, including the hotel, Observation Deck, Retail Space, Retail Buildings, Greater Quebec, Including Commonly Owned Land

"The major asset development goal of the King Power Group is to be part of helping to build the potential of the company. Thailand tourism industry to strengthen This is an important economic strategy in Thailand at the international level. It is ready to support the growth. "I think that's a good thing.

The strength of the acquired property. Mahanakorn Building is one of the tallest buildings in Thailand. Located in the heart of Bangkok. Connected by Sky Train

TS has the potential to develop into a landmark of Bangkok. And is attracting tourists from all over the world to use.Observation Deck is the best viewpoint in Thailand with 360 degree view of the city and the Chao Phraya River. And with services.

Many famous 5 star hotels. And famous restaurants from both in and out of the country. Ready to be a major tourist destination of Bangkok.metropolis

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THAI Smile wins the Grand Prize

Mr Chatchai Panyoo, Acting Chief Executive Officer, THAI Smile Airways Co Ltd, revealed that the prize from TripAdvisor has reflected the readiness to compete in the region and is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our employees through our heartfelt service which is the concept and value of our organisation. We also strive to provide the best experience for our customers in every touch point and create a superior travel experience for our clients in every flight.

"Thailand's Best Airline is the award we have received for the second consecutive year. We are proud of it and this award is a reflection from our customers who have used our service. It can guarantee the success of THAI Smile that focuses on providing excellent service coupled with the value for money. The cleanliness of the cabin can substantially meet the needs of our customers. This year, we have also won the award for the Best Economy Class Airline Seats in Asia for the first time. It is a proven record to the significant marketing position as a full-service airline that is ready for delivering full services and offers maximum comfort to all passengers, especially for serving foods and drinks on board. We have also created more surprises for our passengers from special menus during waiting for boarding throughout the year, and the Grab and Go service is also impressive. We also take into account the right for receiving equal service by providing Safety Information in Braille for both Thai and English. It is available for visually impaired passengers, and flight attendants got trained on body language to explain the safety information to passengers with hearing problem."

Acting Chief Executive Officer of THAI Smile said; "I, as a representative of the management and all staff, would like to thank everyone, passengers review and the tireless effort of our staff. This is a great opportunity for us to continue our journey. At the same time, the most important thing that we always hold for the standard of work of all personnel is to provide service with the heart. It's not easy to foresee the customers needs, but we will continue to develop and deliver the best of our services to reach that goal."TripAdvisor is a well-known online travel website that gives members and travelers around the world the opportunity to share their experiences and to rate their favorite airlines around the globe. The ratings are both quantitative and qualitative throughout the period of 12-months. The scores indicate the prominence of both quality of service and worthiness the customers favor.

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Norwegian salmon live

By Nuckchim

Nuckchim invite the taster to join this event, The Incredible Flavors of Norway 'bring the freshest seafood from the Atlantic. Fly from Norway to everyone to enjoy. Both Ocarina, Ocarina, Salmon, Fish Frog, Trout Hilary Giant And other seafood at the price of seafood that you should not miss.

Buy Norwegian seafood up to 1,000 baht, get free salmon sashimi valued at 299 baht (only 20 pesos per day) or get free Aurora Salmon pillow or frogfish trout. When buying seafood from Norway is 3,000 baht.

The Incredible Flavors of Norway is launching the Seafood from Norway brand and promoting premium seafood. The event was held at Gourmet Market, Paragon branch during April 12-25, 2018.

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