Hot News: TCEB Attack MICE Market Earning over 5 billion
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TCEB Attack MICE Market
Earning over 5 billion

TCEB focuses on pulling new jobs to meet the government's target industry, according to Thailand 4.0 policy. A total of 43 jobs, 133,435 people joined the event, generating more than 5,025 million baht.

Mr.Chiruit Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya, CEO, The Office of Convention and Exhibition Promotion (Public Organization) or Taseb revealed that Taseb is still committed to promoting the Thai MICE industry. According to the Thai 4.0 policy of the government that aims to drive the economy with technology Creativity and innovation in this fiscal year 2019 for the international conference (Conventions) and international trade fairs (Exhibitions) TCEB focuses on pulling new jobs with high potential in Thailand. Aiming to pull jobs in the main industry according to the government's goal to enter Thailand

 There are a total of 43 jobs that have been organized this year. TCEB has a significant participation in the auction of work rights. Which estimates that there will be a total of 133,435 Thai and foreign MICE travelers, representing a total income of over 5,025 million baht, divided into 26 international conference events. Million baht and 17 international trade fairs, with a total of 97,349 participants, representing a total revenue of over 2,145 million baht.

The director continued Last March, Thailand was honored to host many outstanding events, such as the IEEE PES GTD Grand International Conference and Exposition Asia 2019, as an international conference and exhibition on the global power and energy industry. With a total of 10,000 attendees, Thailand has been honored to host this event for the first time and for the first time in Asia as well. Estimated that the income can be imported into the country at least 239 million baht.

In addition, Thailand also hosts the CPhI South East Asia 2019, which is the first pharmaceutical industry exhibition in Thailand. Aims to raise the Thai pharmaceutical industry to compete on the world stage There were 4,975 people attending the event, making about 114 million baht in revenue.

TCEB has also supported the major trade fairs that have been important and have held events in Thailand for many years, such as the VIV Asia which was held on 13 - 15 March. Is the top technology and seminar show for the livestock and aquatic industry # 1 in Asia The organizers estimate that the number of MICE travelers is 44,860, generating approximately 3,921 million baht in revenue, as well as the upcoming international trade fairs in June. The other two events are Propak Asia 2019, the industry trade show. And technology in production processes, processing and international packaging Which is expected to have 59,220 participants, estimated revenue of 659 million baht, and INTERMACH 2019, ASEAN's leading metal machinery and equipment subcontract manufacturing industry exhibition Expected to have 19,100 attendees, earning 113 million baht.

"Considering from the international conference and the large trade show that Taseb sponsored in 2019, it is found that there are many interesting and important tasks for the growth and development of the entire MICE industry. And the main industry, following the government's 4.0 policy on agriculture, food and energy medicine as well as new technologies In addition to affecting economic growth Also reinforcing Thailand's potential to be the number one destination for international conferences and trade shows in the ASEAN region, "said Mr.Chiruit

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