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Global Foods Supply overcomes the tourism crisis, hotels and restaurants open a new front 'Wade' the wine market, the exclusive group and premium frozen bakery, emphasizing quality, produced directly from the original France

Ms. Thaniya Jiyasak, general manager of Global Foods Supply Co., Ltd. revealed that the situation of the alcoholic beverage market this year is in a slowdown condition due to the epidemic of Covid-19 that has not yet been exhausted and is an important factor that affects many business groups Especially tourism groups, hotels and restaurants are considered to be directly affected by the epidemic prevention measures and the inability of foreign tourists to travel to Thailand.

Global Foods Supply is an important importer and distributor of alcoholic beverages, beer, wine and frozen premium bakery products from abroad. The first phase of the COVID-19 epidemic are also affected by such factors. But through adjustment and risk prevention planning, business operations can still be driven. The Company's main product groups are divided into 2 groups, which are alcoholic beverages imported from abroad, representing 80%, consisting of approximately 100 brands of wine from France, Chile, America, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, etc., and approximately 10 brands of beer. Frozen premium bakery accounts for 20%. The marketing plan is focused on adapting to the situation. stock management Efficient storage and transportation

For marketing plans in the alcoholic beverages, especially wines. will penetrate into the market for more exclusive customers, with a sommelier, a wine expert It selects wines that are especially special for this group of customers, such as wines from Corsica. France Which is preferred by wine lovers from around the world. As for the imported beers, Hoegaarden is the market leader. with various brands to choose more To create diversity for this group of customers

Frozen premium bakery group has continued to grow All products are imported from France's number one premium frozen bakery manufacturer. which has technology and has a modern production process with almost all machines reduce exposure high security There is also an advantage in the quality of raw materials directly from the source of production. And can be stored for up to 18 months without preservatives. There are more than 40 types of frozen premium bakery products imported into the market, resulting in a considerable response from customers especially in the group of restaurant customers with many branches want quality products consistency of taste and cost that makes it competitive

In addition to the aforementioned aggressive marketing, the company also focuses on building awareness and relationships with customers continuously through trade shows. especially Food and Hotel Thailand, which is an exhibition in premium hotels and restaurants. that most of the participants are real entrepreneurs who want to find quality products to use in business This gives us the opportunity to talk, exchange, and present our products, resulting in sales during the event and many after the event. which from joining the event In the past, it has been well received. There are people who are interested in the products of both groups of the company. For the exhibit at Food & Hotel Thailand 2021, which will be held from September 8-11, 2021, Global Foods Supply will expand the exhibition booth space. as well as preparing new products to be launched at the event That will happen for sure. Interested parties can ask for information and order our products at Facebook:

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