Hot News: Index-Singha Park 'Support' Travel to Chiang Rai
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Index-Singha Park
'Support' Travel to Chiang Rai

Index join hands with Singha Park Chiang Rai 'holds' Village of ILLUMINATION in Light Festival The first time in Thailand, the largest in Asia. Receive tourism festivals between 4 Dec 2020 - 31 Jan 2021

Mr. Kriangkrai Kanchanapokin, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Index Group of Companies creative Village Public Company Limited and Creative Director revealed that Index Creative has done project "Wat Rong Khun Light Phase" at the end of the year 2019. Feel proud that the company is Instead of the Thai people showing the potential to create the biggest light and sound show in the province.Chiang Rai, as well as glorifying the beauty of Thai Buddhist art architecture, "White Temple" which is ranked 1 in 10 " The most beautiful temple in the world "for tourists to experience the magic of "Wat Rong Khun" that has been changed color Shining light in the night for the first time throughout the show. 1 month, with both Thai and foreign audiences.25,000 people benefited the tourism and reputation of Thailand became admirable.Calling around the world to do and can't stop This time.

Index Creative Village has partnered with Singha Park.Chiang Rai Co., Ltd. to make a giant project of the year On display at Singha Park, Chiang Rai Which has never been seen beforeBecause from what people say that Index Company Must taste good, unlike others Therefore use creativity in Event development in the Thailand 4.0 era to meet the new lifestyles of both Thai and foreign tourists.And foreigners create new, great and unique work, thus creating a VILLAGE OF projectILLUMINATION, the first light festival in Thailand, is the largest in Asia. Exhibited on over 100 areas Rai in the midst of the winter atmosphere of Singha Park Chiang Rai with 10 zones

Concept Episode1: Falling From The Sky A phenomenon from the sky that brings the science of modernity.4 aspects: digital art, music and technology combined into 1 in a light festival that tourists Traveling to experience the new style of magic show. Immerse yourself in imagination.Created to visit the fair in each of the 10 unique zones Is the first new phenomenon ofThailand and the largest city in Asia that is full of color. Fun and Surprise, of course, and duringTherefore, the Valentine Festival has opened the premiere show VILLAGE OF ILLUMINATION for the audience to experience.

Real experience before anyone else Hope to make an impression before the actual show date at the end of this year, which has Scheduled for the event between 4 Dec 2020 - 31 Jan 2021. Be confident throughout the show for 59 days to help drive move the tourism industry in Chiang Rai to be bustling And expect tourists to visit more than 300,000 people generate over 600 million baht in revenue. The most important thing is VILLAGE OF ILLUMINATION.Light Festival at Singapore Park This time Chiang Rai wants to show the potential of Thai people. And Thai event company thatAble to create different handwriting works And is globally recognized .. "

Mr. Pongrat Luengthamrongcharoen Managing Director of Singha Park Chiang Rai Company Limited said Singha Chiang Rai has an area of ??approximately 8,000 rai within the project to divide the area for planting tea and vegetation.Of various kinds of agriculture and has been extended to many other activities To be a source of learning (Edutainment) promoting tourism within the province and is also a destination for tourists. International events including Farm Festival on the hills, International Valentine’s Balloon Fiesta and many sports events With continuous development to create an organic for Thailand and set a goal to make Singha Park Chiang Rai as a World-Class Destination that everyone must come by.Collaboration with Index Company CREATIVE Giant Project of the Year, VILLAGE OF ILLUMINATION The first light festival in Thailand, the largest in Asia, will be able to attract people to want to travel.

Experience new experiences that Singha Park has never arranged before. Which this event will be another big event Stimulate tourism for Chiang Rai Province And is creating activities for tourists like creating Creative by Singha Park has given the area of ??this exhibition up to 100 rai because it is expected that the event.A very, very modern show. Because the introduction of digital technology combined with lifestyle In new ways, colorful Meeting the needs of modern tourists, both Thai and foreigners who like events Show innovation and technology And tourists who love photography Regarded as another activity that helps promote Creative Tourism in Chiang Rai Province And tourism in Thailand Therefore would like to invite Tourists come to Chiang Rai later this year Don't forget to visit the VILLAGE OF ILLUMINATION, the Light Festival.

At Singapore Park, Chiang Rai Pre-show VILLAGE OF ILLUMINATION with 3 rooms. Highlights include ENDLESS.AFFECTION Experience the sweetness of the scent of love in the Valentine Festival through Love Projection Mapping in 360 degrees, RAY OF LIGHTS LOVE ILLUSIONAL ROOM creates every inch Create light and shadow images in a way that has never been seen before, and INDULGE IN indulge and fill.Blessed with love through Singha Sculpture because we believe that "Infinity without end" for example by Allowing tourists the opportunity to see and experience real before anyone else. Interested in buying a ticket at 50.Baht will be held from 12-16 February 2020, while the VILLAGE OF ILLUMINATION

The first light festival in Thailand, the largest in Asia, is fully scheduled to be displayed during the surfing festival.Traveling at the end of the year with exhibitions on December 4, 2520.

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