Hot News: 'Thai Smile' Gives Smile for Life
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'Thai Smile' Gives
Smile for Life

"Thai Smile Smile for Life" Smile for Life "Year 2 organ donation campaign To the patient's life. 'Chu' online ads honor series length 2.00 minutes

Mrs.Charita Leelayuth, Acting Chief Executive Officer of Thai Smile Airways, revealed that in addition to its customer service mission, THAI Smile also has an important policy in social responsibility. This has been ongoing. Thai Smile recognizes the importance and great benefits ofOrgan donation Under the operation of the Thai Red Cross Society Also note that There are a number of patients waiting for organ donation. So have to work.

Moreover, it is an important part in supporting the work of the medical team traveling to perform the organ donor surgery. The mission of hair.Transplant organs from donors to transplants. The awareness raising and campaigning for the general public is recognized and recognized as a donor.The organs are making movies online. To create awareness. And understanding of organ donation. And the emotion of the provider.Online advertising is a dream of the Ashes riders, with Mr. Sansapat Taweecharoen as director. Inspired by the landscape.

I think that Thai Smile Airways, which acts as a vehicle for transporting organs from the donor to the implant. It's like helping to transport hope and smiles from people.Donate to the recipient. Because one smile and good hope from the provider. This is a great way to help people smile. This movie online. Will be published throughOnline media. From 1 November 2018 onwards, as well as public relations through the public relations channels of THAI Smile, all channels.You can visit. and via Thai Smile Airways Official YouTube Channel

Dr. Wisit Thitawat, Director of the Thai Red Cross Society, said, "The most important factor in this treatment is the donation of organs from the deceased. In Thailand, each year, nearly 1,000 deaths are estimated in the organ donation area. In fact, there are limitations to the use of donor organs from the deceased.Treat patients very well. The major obstacle is Lack of proper understanding about organ donation after death. But nowadays, there is more awareness and campaigning.

There are many patients waiting for organs, especially the kidneys, which are deficient organs. There were 6,254 patients waiting to be transplanted, 95% of whom were awaiting kidney transplant.Wait the liver is waiting for the heart, lungs and pancreas, respectively.All the time. People are willing to donate organs each year. In the past 2560, the number increased to 89,636.This is partly due to the ongoing campaign. And the people are more knowledgeable in this matter. In the fiscal year 2017, organ donors increased by 60%

And in the fiscal year 2018 (numbers to the end of September), the number of deaths and organ donations available. Compared to 2017, there were 294 people.There are 186 donors who can help more than 417 patients and target organ donors by the end of 2018 to 300 patients.The policy of the Ministry of Public Health. It is clear that the importance and benefits that people will save health care and better quality of life.

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TCEB beats 2018 MICE target revenue of more than 200 billion baht

Mr. Chiruit Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya, TCEB's President, revealed that According to the overall operating plan, the TCEB expects that Thailand will welcome a total of 35,982,000 MICE travelers, contributing revenue of about 221.5 billion to the country. Among them are 1,320,000 international MICE visitors, generating revenue of 100.5 billion and 34,662,000 domestic MICE visitors, earning revenue of 121 billion, Mr.Chiruit concluded.

the number of international and domestic MICE visitors reached 34,267,307, generating total revenue of 212.9 billion. This buoyant growth was largely driven by the government's support in developing the MICE industry as an enabler of economic growth. Other key driving forces were the readiness of MICE venues including hotels, the international convention and exhibition centers in Bangkok and in the 4 MICE Cities as well as MICE professionals who delivered on their capacity for international service standards. These factors reinforced the confidence of international MICE travelers that Thailand is a preferred destination for MICE events. Meanwhile, the bureau has a policy to promote meetings in the provinces with the aim of distributing income and strengthening communities.

"In the 2018 fiscal year, Thailand welcomed 1,255,985 international MICE visitors, an increase of 19.85 percent and generated revenue of 95.6 billion, up 8.10 percent. The average length of stay was 5 days with average spending of 76,135 baht per person per trip. Asian business travelers dominated the market representing 85.77 percent of all MICE visitors to Thailand. The top ten international MICE travelers were from China (214,877), India (152,638), Malaysia (146,387), Singapore (84,211), South Korea (71,141), Vietnam (55,306), Laos (55,125), Japan (51,361), Indonesia (51,320), and the Philippines (42,398). The top five growth markets were Canada (309.97%), Cambodia (182.25%), Myanmar (137.32%), Vietnam (109.26%), and New Zealand (78.92%). Notably, the CLMV economy (Cambodia, Lao, Myanmar, Vietnam) has been growing, positively affecting the number of international business travelers.

Domestic MICE visitor numbers, meanwhile, reached 33,011,322, generating revenue of 117.3 billion for the economy. Revenue surged by 28.9 percent thanks to Thailand's strong economy, which was driven by high growth in exports and tourism. This year, GDP is expected to grow by 20 percent over the previous year and will result in the country's economy expanding by 4 percent. The business and household sectors are more confident about spending and the government's tax deduction measures to promote tourism and MICE events in 55 second-tier provinces nationwide have generated higher revenues. A corporate tax exemption on income equal to 100% of expenses will be offered for seminars and accommodation, transport and other expenses incurred in conducting staff training and seminars in the 55 secondary cities. These factors are expected to boost economic growth.

According to Frost & Sullivan (Thailand) Co., Ltd.'s research on the overall economic impact of the MICE industry, total MICE expenditure in 2018 (excluding participant expenses) was valued at 251.4 billion and is expected to reach 316 - 405 billion in 2022. The MICE industry contributed 177.2 billion to the economy, accounting for 1.2% of overall Thailand GDP in 2018. It created 181,000 jobs and more than 23.4 billion in government tax revenue.

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Jumbo Seafood at iCon Siam

By Nuckchim

Jumbo Seafood is one of the most admired restaurants in the world. In the atmosphere above Come with panoramic views of the Chao Phraya River. Service icon with Siam Launch

Signature-Winning Chili Crab Signature and Signature Black Pepper Crab, as well as lobster, pudding, boneless, clam chowder. The raw materials are imported from the United States, Norway, Canada, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Japan.The crabs, especially large crabs, weighing just 1 kg each, and 12 original sauces and main ingredients are imported from Singapore.The taste of the original food that is the most favorite.

Famous seafood restaurant from Singapore. Let the Thai taste and enjoy the menu that is the signature of Jumbo. Which is a favorite of the Thai people and tourists.Many countries around the world are comfortable. In the midst of the atmosphere. Come with a panoramic view of the Chao Phraya River at Sikao Town.Siamese icons are still featured in quality raw materials. The taste is unique to the original in Singapore because it imports all the 12 types of sauce with the service.Jumbo Seafood is located on the G floor of the iconic Siam, with an area of ??over 800 square meters. It is the largest restaurant, one of the iconic Siamese restaurants. Can accommodate customers.250 - 300 seats

The restaurant is surrounded by clear glass with 360 degree views of the river. Lobster and fish swimming up to 5 meters in length.For Seat Zone The exterior seating zone is also available to enjoy the panoramic view of the Chao Phraya River. And the interior seating area is beautifully decorated.There is also a private room in a warm atmosphere, suitable for socializing with friends and family.This shop is open from 9th November onwards at iCon Siam.

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