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TAT-Robinhood organizes Good Deals activities through Robinhood Travel to stimulate the Chiangmai Booster Shot tourism market from today 15 September.

Miss Thapanee Kiatpaiboon TAT's deputy governor for domestic marketing revealed that due to the spread of COVID-19 In Thailand, the trend continues to improve and the government has relaxed measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic since June 2022 so that people can live closer to normal conditions. This has a very positive effect on promoting tourism in Thailand. TAT sees an opportunity to continue to accelerate tourism. Develop a strategy to accelerate the revival of the tourism market in 65 to bring the number and income back to at least 50 percent of the year 2019 before the Covid-19 epidemic. And set a target to increase the occupancy rate of 2022 not less than 55 percent in order to increase the distribution of quality tourists in the area. Therefore, it is an opportunity to further stimulate the market in the short term. (July-October 2022) in line with the "Booster Shot" measure that TAT wants to focus on marketing activities in the form of Joint Promotion with entrepreneurs. It is like a vaccination booster for the tourism industry. Helping tourism business operators affected by the Covid-19 epidemic situation urgently to join in pushing the total number of domestic tourists in 2022 to reach the target of 160 million people-times and generate 656 billion baht in revenue

Ms. Saraswati Asasappakit, Director of the TAT Northern Region, said, The Chiangmai Booster Shot project is a project to stimulate the Chiang Mai tourism market. which is the main province for tourism in the north And has important implications for the overall picture of Thai tourism. This time, TAT, together with its alliance, Purple Ventures Co., Ltd., developed and serviced the Robinhood application for the Northern Thai Hotels Association (upper). and the Chiang Mai Restaurant and Entertainment Association Organize activities under the name of Good Deals through Robinhood Travel section, an online tour guide service within the Robinhood application to encourage travel in Chiang Mai. ready to provide valuable travel experiences Meaning above the value that the travel is impressive. as well as being part of stimulating the market distribute income to the foundations to restore the Thai economy to be strong and sustainable. It will help generate revolving income in the area totaling more than 40 million baht.

Mr. Sihanat Lamsam, Chief Executive Officer of Purple Ventures Co., Ltd., the developer and service provider of the Robinhood platform, said, Due to the signs of a recovery in the domestic tourism industry, the trend is improving. To reinforce the mission to create a social business model Continuing its commitment to helping Thai tourism operators, Robinhood has partnered with The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) sends a Good Deals campaign, inviting over 3 million Thais and customers on the Robinhood platform to visit Chiang Mai. Experience Eating, Traveling, Same Story at a great value when booking a hotel in Chiang Mai with Robinhood Travel and receive a full 3 types of discounts: 1. Book participating hotels for only 1 baht. 2. High hotel discount codes. Up to 1,000 baht and 3. Discounts at leading 5-star hotels, up to 70% with food discount codes. and free food delivery up to 20 times. We sincerely hope that this cooperation with TAT will help "small people" who are local tourism entrepreneurs and communities to be able to pass the time. difficult by stimulating domestic tourism to help the circulation of money in the economy It will be piloted in Chiang Mai for the first time. before expanding to other tourist provinces in the future.

Good Deals campaign details for booking accommodation in Chiang Mai with Robinhood Travel

1. Book a hotel for 1 baht, just enter the code CNX1 (booking period 1 7 August 2022, stay from 1 August 31 October 2022. )

2. Hotel discount code up to 1,000 baht, just enter the code "BOOSTERCNX" when booking a minimum of 2 nights or more and a hotel reservation value of 1,600 baht or more per 1 booking (booking period 1-31 August 2022 (stay from August 1 - December 31, 2022)

3. Discount up to 70% at leading 5-star hotels (Booking period 1 31 August 2022, stay from 1 August 31 December 2022) Get a discount code for free food delivery up to 20 times within a distance of not more than 30 kilometers and receive a discount code for 100 baht free food! 3 times when ordering food with a minimum of 200 baht from participating stores in Chiang Mai only.

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Moohong, Roi Jung Hu


'Kin Kab Yi Restaurant', a local restaurant. Won two Michelin stars 2 years in a row.

Skilled in cooking Yi Sim, a 78-year-old chef with a unique cooking style.

The signature menu of the restaurant has many menus, but the signature of the restaurant is 'Moo Hong', pork belly that melts in your mouth, kaeng som or yellow curry. Fresh fish meat, delicious!

If visiting Thalang Phuket Province must visit for food Eatery with Yi

But you have to book a fake page. Because this shop is open 3 days a week, if you don't have a walk-in reservation, you won't have it because every seat is full...

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