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Transport 'hijack' Thai Airways makes a business rehabilitation plan, borrowing money from 30 billion to manage the organization vigorously Reducing the cost of Thai Airways. Stopped flying on many routes

Mr Sak Siamchitchai, Transport Minister, revealed that the case of the management of Thai Airways International Public Company Limited to discuss the request for a loan of 3-5 billion baht, said in detail, make a clear plan that the money that What part of the loan request will be used to manage? That will make Thai Airways strong Not to recover in order to maintain the condition, just for a time it was incorrect

In the case of Mr. Jakkrit Acting Dee, Thai Airways met to discuss the Thai Airways rehabilitation plan by requesting the Thai Airways to Financial institutions that Thai Airways will ask for financial support Consider first what is possible If the financial institution looks at the rehabilitation plan and is of the opinion that it is possible Ministry of Transport is ready to support Thai Airways.

"Acting DD reported that it is currently planning to reduce the cost of Thai Airways. In line with the situation now From stopping the flight on many routes Which will result in lower operating costs while some Thai Airways still have revenue to come in. Therefore, it is necessary to consider details in order to do business. This matter must be seen clearly.

Where is the cost reduction plan? Thai Airways must see clearly. Do not let the minister create the plan The minister is the person who supports what you do. In what you do And able to make Thai Airways strong But after finalizing the plan, where the financial institution will approve, must submit it for inspection See that in the short-term, Thai Airways can survive

The way to procure that fleet Saw that the plane rental method was the most suitable Meanwhile must Can consider more about sauces or co-brands and benefit all of these businesses. Thai Airways must consider And propose a rehabilitation plan Currently, Thai Airways has already leased the plane to operate. Together with having to assess whether the situation of Covid-19 How long will it last? And what effect it will have. For 38 ships or not, the board must consider the details

"Thai Airways will definitely not go bankrupt. Confirmed that there will be no letting Thai Airways suffer bankruptcy, of course, regardless of what can make Thai Airways to be strong Must dare to do Do not conceal information Make the service plan clear And must consider the facts, "Mr Sak Siam said.

In the case that there is a suggestion for the 2020 budget allocation To solve the problem of the epidemic, Covid-19 sees that this is not a problem at all. But now have to wait and see that the budget that must be used for the operations of the center The Royal Development Projects Board on the Prevention and Treatment of Covid-19 How much does it cost? If there is a need for the Ministry of Transport to reduce the budget, it's not a problem. Ready to take action in this matter. Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-ocha emphasized that public health is the most important issue.

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