Hot News: Thonglor Hospital enters the Vietnamese market
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Thonglor Hospital enters the Vietnamese market

Female veterinarian Krittika Chaisupattanakul Executive Chairman Thonglor Pet Hospital revealed that Thonglor Pet Hospital Has a joint venture with Greenpet JSC, a subsidiary of the famous Greengroup and has been in the pharmaceutical and animal feed industry in Vietnam for a long time. In the joint venture, there will be operations in 2 areas: 1) Treatment by establishing a new Thonglor Animal Hospital. Ho Chi Minh City Branch Vietnam under the name of Thonglor Bangkok Pet Hospital in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Focus on improving the quality of treatment and good service. According to the standards of Thonglor Pet Hospital in Thailand 2) Trade, including marketing drugs, pharmaceuticals, pet products, which Greenpet will be the main caretaker and coordinator with Thailand. to select and import good quality products to the Vietnamese market with changing social conditions and lifestyles This makes the pet market grow steadily around the world. Animal herders pay more attention to the care, protection and treatment of pets. like a member of the family Vietnam is a country with good economic and social growth. Therefore foresaw this opportunity to expand the business to foreign countries.

By the way, Thonglor Hospital has started doing business with Greenpet JSC by supplying and exporting good quality pet products from Thailand to Vietnam continuously. From seeing each other's strengths, partners in Vietnam who have knowledge and experience in areas and markets. Thonglor has a body of knowledge and competent medical personnel. that will help strengthen and extend the business well This partnership is not just business. But it is a collaboration between Thai and Vietnamese veterinary professions that will bring knowledge and experience to develop standards for animal treatment.Thonglor Hospital aims to improve the quality of care and treatment for pets in Vietnam. Thonglor Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City Branch Vietnam Will bring changes in the pet business in Vietnam This is in line with the vision of the organization that wants to create happiness for both the pet and the owner. In the future, the Thonglor Hospital has plans to expand more branches to other areas. or in large provinces of Vietnam Including being in the process of negotiating joint ventures with many countries Especially in ASEAN countries among themselves. You can follow news, movements and activities of Thonglor Pet Hospital. or contact for more information via Facebook @ThonglorPet Tel. 02-079-9999

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