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Hot News: 'POP MART' Opens First Flagship Store at CentralWorld
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'POP MART' Opens First Flagship Store at CentralWorld

Mr.Justin Moon President of Pop Mart International, said POP MART, the market-leading character-based entertainment company known for its mystery blind boxes. POP MART announces a strategic joint venture with the goal of propelling the expansion of the Thai market. This dynamic partnership will leverage the unique strengths of each entity to collaboratively nurture the growth of art and toy culture across Thailand, which is considered another country with high potential in the Southeast Asian region. We started with Singapore, Malaysia, and have now included Thailand. We look forward to further expanding our Southeast Asian market and build a complete offline and online sales network, with full consideration of the local culture.

Thanks to our collaborative efforts, our overseas revenue has witnessed an astounding surge of 139.8%, underscoring our international prowess. Revenue from pivotal regions such as Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and other international markets reached a substantial 376 million CNY. Moreover, the operational profit from these regions also surpassed expectations, achieving an impressive 78.890 million CNY an outstanding 183.0% year-on-year growth. Furthermore, as of June 30th, 2023, weve achieved the milestone of 432 stores worldwide. Our global robotic stores have expanded impressively, reaching 2328. As our channels continue to expand, the user base of POP MART is rapidly growing. said Mr. Justin Moon.

Thai market is increasingly interested in the POP Culture trend, and one of the most popular trends is Art Toys in the form of Blind Boxes which generate excitement and anticipation every time they are opened as customers are curious about what they will find inside, making it highly popular among todays POP Culture. The goal is to make POP MART akin to a gallery or art exhibition, combining artwork derived from deeply inspired ideas, meticulously curated to reflect various social contexts, through the valuable works of artists and designers from all corners of the globe. The growing popularity results in collaborations with global brands like DC, Disney, Warner, Harry Potter and many more.

In the future, POP MART can become more than Art Toys. We plan to leverage the success that started with fun, excitement, and surprises as a bridge to new businesses that focus on entertaining consumers, such as theme parks, games, or even animation. POP MART has recently partnered with Minor Lifestyle to expand its business further and unveiled the first flagship store in Thailand on September 20th, at CentralWorld. They are also planning to open a second branch by the end of this year. Additionally, they have plans to open up to 20 retail stores and pop-up shops along with approximately 50 POP MART ROBOSHOP vending machines throughout Thailand Mr. Justin Moon discussed future plans.

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