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Hot News: Jaspal eyes expansion in Asean markets
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Jaspal eyes expansion in Asean markets

Yosathep Singhsachathet, deputy chief executive officer of Jaspal Co Ltd, said Jaspal has unveiled its 2023 overseas expansion plan with the goal of becoming a leading regional fashion and lifestyle retailer. Jaspal aims to achieve a leap in overseas sales by focusing on Asean markets, particularly Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia, where it has made inroads, and the high-growth Philippines market for the first time. The company will focus on a number of its flagship brands, including Lyn, CC Double O, Jelly Bunny, Lyn around, CPS Chaps and Jaspal, as well as import premium and sports brands to strengthen its portfolio and cater to all fashion shoppers in the targeted Asean markets.

In 2022, the company was active in three countries with a total of 70 stores. In Cambodia, the company managed Lyn, CC Double O, Jelly Bunny, Lyn around, CPS Chaps, Lyn Beauty, Mango, Super Dry, Fred Perry, Champion, Asics, and New Era. In Vietnam, it managed Lyn, Lyn Beauty, Jelly Bunny, Lyn around, Fred Perry, and Diesel, and in Malaysia, it managed Jelly Bunny. Last year, the company launched Lyn Beauty, its own in-house brand of cosmetic products, in Vietnam via stores and online channels, modelled after the successful business in Thailand. It also pushed for growth for various other brands under its management with the opening of the first Fred Perry stores in both Vietnam and Cambodia, as well as a New Era store in Cambodia and a Diesel store in Vietnam. The company also launched "StudioJPS.com", the fashion multi-band website targeting the Cambodian market.

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