Hot News: Adjust 'increase' vehicle speed not more than 120 km / h.
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Adjust 'increase' vehicle speed not more than 120 km / h.

Mr SakSiam chitchai, the Minister of Transport, revealed that the Ministry of Transport's urgent policy into action 1/2020 said that the Ministry of Transport is following the progress of Operated by the policy to increase the speed of all types of cars on roads with 4 lanes or more, from speeds up to 90 kilometers (km) / hour (hours) to speeds of no more than 120 Kilometer / hour (Maximum Speed) Most recently, the Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning (OTP) held a meeting with the Royal Thai Police (Royal Thai Police), Department of Highways (TorThor.), Department of Rural Roads.And the Legal Division, Office of the Permanent Secretary for Transport (OTP), on January 27, 2020, in order to consider (draft) the Ministerial Regulation specifying the speed and details related to the said policy, which Issued under the Highway Act B.E. 2020.

OTP will prepare a 30-day public hearing of the above guidelines from relevant agencies. In order to get a clear guidance To make the most of safety of the people, then will submit to the Committee on Land Traffic Management (Bangkok) in March 2020 before proposing to the Cabinet meeting for approval. And will definitely come into effect within this year The pilot will be enforced on Highway No. 32 (Asian route) during the period that is ready and in accordance with the criteria specified before.

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