Hot News: PTT's 'Digital Work Place' Receives Thailand 4.0
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PTT's 'Digital Work Place' Receives Thailand 4.0

Mr. Chansil Teenuchcahkorn, Chief Technology Officer of PTT Public Company Limited presided over the opening ceremony of Power of Digital Transformation.The company has announced that the In the digital age, technology plays an important role in business. Need to adjust the corporate culture to digital.This is the first step in the process of globalization in the modern world. It must have both.Easy to navigate No time limit and location. And quickly meet the needs. And in line with the government's policy of Thailand 4.0, aimed at restructuring the economy.To the economy driven by innovation and technology, PTT is moving into its 40th year by modernizing its working style. Respond to the new business flow more.By bringing digital concepts and technology into the digital transformation of the organization through the Internet of Things or IoT when linked. Can be ordered.Control the device. Through the Internet, PTT will be a model for innovation through digital corporate communications. Resulting in employees.Can work together quickly and efficiently. Clearly measurable. It also helps to work together.

Employees in the organization without borders by the new tools and technologies. It is used in the development of organizations to organizations such as digital advancement.OneDrive, PowerBI, KOOLS Keeper, SkillLane, Chatbot, Repair, and Workplace by Facebook, a new connectivity platform.All employees in the organization. Through voice and video calls Group discussion And to feed the news.

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