Hot News: SYS opens "Ban Bueng Distribution Center"
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SYS opens "Ban Bueng Distribution Center"

Mr.Jesada Plangmanee, Managing Director of Siam Yamato Steel Company Limited, said: "SYS Ban Bueng Distribution Center was built to increase the efficiency of the product storage. Due to the space in Keep all products indoors. Therefore keeping the product in good condition without rust. In addition, SYS also has a storage management system By using 12 sets of cranes to correctly prepare the products delivered to the customer and Faster than that, we still have a product distribution system. Transportation Management System (TMS), which is a time management system for receiving products using QR Code. It can also record time at each point to bring Data for analysis and development of work methods In order to meet more customer satisfaction, SYS has chosen the location in Hemaraj Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate 2 because it is an excellent location in Logistics, including utilities that provide facilities that allow SYS to deliver standardized quality products to both domestic and international customers. In addition, it supports economic growth.In the area of the Eastern Economic Corridor Project as well. "

This Ban Bueng distribution center Steel construction with fabricate from SYS Steel Solution service, a new construction technology using High Tensile Steel, Castellated Beam, Slim Floor Structure.And the Cantilever Structure make construction fast Increase living space Also able to manage management efficiently And aside from the construction with steel structures Which is environmentally friendly then SYS Solar roof size 240 kWp is also installed to help save energy for Ban Bueng Distribution Center.

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