Hot News: 'Strengthen' e-commerce strength
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'Strengthen' e-commerce strength

Mr. Sonthirat Sonthijiravong, Minister of Commerce, revealed that government organizations, private organizations and private companies Will be gathered "E-Commerce Network PartnersThailand to support the whole system. And reached the agreement on the 7th to promote the development of e-commerce Thailand to be strong and solidarity by the agreement.1) The promotion and development of knowledge. The knowledge will be disseminated. Advise And information on the business. Including publishingSuccessful case study 2) Promote marketing in the form of marketing and sales promotion.Online and online to create marketing opportunities. Marketing Promotion And distribution channels. To help businesses make use of the various marketing channels. to promote"

3) promote e-commerce business It also provides a variety of public relations channels to create awareness and reach consumers.4) Create a network between entrepreneurs. And between business and government to strengthen and develop business potential. Thai e-commerce is strong. 5) The link between e-commerce entrepreneurs from the Ministry of Commerce and the central market.E-Commerce (e-Marketplace) both public and private. In order to increase the distribution channel to the operators. 6) To facilitate the user.Thai-developed e-commerce system developed by the Ministry of Commerce and the partner agency to develop logistics and payment systems.In line with modern technology and 7) other activities that will promote the development of e-commerce operators in Thailand to be strengthened. "

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