Hot News: Sahapat Delivery Delivery service for risk-taking products, COVID-19
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Sahapat Delivery Delivery service for risk-taking products, COVID-19

Mr. Wetit Chokwatana, President of Sahapat Phibun Public Company Limited, revealed that Sahapat offers consumer products at a special price. Online Sahapat Delivery to support the need to buy products As well as facilitating the delivery of products Which consumers do not need to travel to public areas To reduce the risk of infection of the COVID-19 virus. In addition to Sahapat Delivery, we also have an official store in Shopee and Lazada to increase the way to make shopping more convenient. Sahapat also has COVID-19 disease control measures in terms of employee care and transportation. By having a fever measurement on all employees before starting work In which employees must look after their own hygiene By wearing a surgical mask Wash hands or use alcohol gel to clean periodically. And put on the gloves before picking up the goods In addition, cleaning and disinfecting are also performed in the office buildings, cafeterias, warehouses and trucks. For shipping If the product has to be signed Employees must wear a face mask while performing their duties. And alcohol will be wiped clean before reaching the recipient again. "

For online purchase channels Can buy products at a special price at www.sahapatdelivery.com And for other online channels Can purchase products at https://shopee.co.th/sahapat_official and https://www.lazada.co.th/shop/sahapat/

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