Hot News: Bank Decrease Interest Who Get Who lose ??
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Bank Decrease Interest Who Get Who lose ??

Bank businesses have to adapt to the digital age. Many banks move to Fin Tech to keep up with the changes of modern consumers.

In addition to organizational changes Must adjust management to keep up with the world situation both the Wuhan virus trade war and the toxic dust MP 2.5 etc.

Resulting in businesses of all sizes worsening accordingly. Therefore, banks must adjust interest to accommodate current situation.

Kasikorn Bank, Savings Bank of Bangkok, BAAC have reduced interest rates To help entrepreneurs during this period.

In which SMEs are more affected by events than big businesses resulting in lack financial liquidity

When banks reduce credit interest Causing the burden of interest payments to be reduced, able to wind breathe for a while.

On the other hand, interest on deposits also decreased. Affecting the elderly Or customers receiving interest money on monthly deposits Causing revenue to fall While the cost of living increases.

Therefore, in every announcement of the bank's discount rate measures There is a group of people receiving one group lost benefits.

Amid the economic slowdown, domestic GDP decline, exporters, SMEs, Start Up, must be self-reliant one another. To overcome many crises To survive all the way to the end of the year.