Hot News: Beware! Gangs Invade 'invest' Money
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Beware! Gangs Invade 'invest' Money

In the digital age, new business is growing, new forms of investment in the world come up. Good and bad for investors around the world. Especially the risk. For those who do not investigate who invests in new business ...

One of the new business models. Many new investors. The investment is a new investment in digital money or currency. Accepted in many countries such as Europe, Canada, USA and Japan, but in Thailand has not accepted the bittern trading.

Note that from the beginning of this year. Many companies have launched their Bitcoin investment in Thailand. There are also new businessmen. The brave Invest in this currency. Bank of Thailand, SEC., It has closely supervised this type of investment. The latest laws have come out of control. Digital Asset Management Act of 1961 regulates the trading of digital currency.

Although iron rule begins to take care. There are also new fraud cases such as fraud, money, This is a famous case because there are celebrities in the stock market. And star rising "Boom" Jiratchubit with family. Brothers and sisters In the process.

By celebrities get a new millionaire. Finnish youth Investing a bit near 800 million baht to invest with their companies. Then the money was transferred into a personal account. And to buy land. I do not really invest money.

When the victim is known to be deceived. So the complaint to the government. Police Department Check the evidence found is a scam. No real investment. The arrest of such a fraud.

Of the incident see what investment. Expected to have a high income. It also has high risks as well. Guru reiterated that "digital money has nothing to support trading. This is a very high risk investment in our home. "

So if anyone wants to get rich quick I need to think carefully before you decide to invest. In the future, investing in new forms of digital money will happen ...