Hot News: Catch Up! Invest 2 Billion to Stimulate The Economy
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Catch Up! Invest 2 Billion to Stimulate The Economy

Govt. stimulus measures Fight the Coronary Virus Crisis 2019 (Kovid-19), Set 3, prepare to borrow 200,000 million baht to help unemployed low-income people hoping to 'disperse' the Thai economy. The impact of most people is limited to staying at home to prevent the spread. The government must accelerate the resolution of this epidemic to end quickly in order for the economic recovery to be fast. Because the economy that has been affected for a long time will deteriorate. Therefore, if the solution is slow The economic recovery is even more difficult.

Mr. Somkid Jatusripitak Deputy Prime Minister revealed that the stimulus measures to alleviate the problem of the coronary epidemic in 2019 (Covid-19) have called an urgent meeting in all parts to discuss the stimulus measures. To support the effects of the 3rd covid-19 virus outbreak, as it is already known that most Thai economies are now disrupted. Most people are restricted to stay at home to prevent the spread. In which, the government must try to end the epidemic as soon as possible. In order to quickly recover the economy Because the economy that has been affected for a long time will deteriorate. Therefore, if the solution is slow The economic recovery is even more difficult.

The initial overview of the 3rd stimulus package will focus on stimulating the local economy. By causing employment To make money After most of the people returned to their domicile in the past Which is to sustain the economy in the next 2-3 months, in a state of other economic activities stagnant, this set of stimulus measures will be in line with the actual situation By implementing projects related to the sufficiency economy initiative to revitalize the national economy. To allow the budget to be distributed to relevant sections to be used in activities that strengthen local production, employment, marketing

"There has been discussion that if a large set of measures will be compressed Must be in the direction that corresponds to the actual situation Consider this crisis to strengthen the local community. The budget to be used has not specified exact numbers. But understand that it requires a large budget As for the issuance of the Emergency Decree (Royal Decree), borrowing depends on the necessity, duration, if able to do so, everyone can understand. There should be nothing. Because the Ministry of Finance has prepared this for months The credit limit may be more than 200 billion baht without any problems. Fiscal strength As for the budget allocation in 2020, not work Must pass the Act (Act) to transfer the budget. Which is not easy, "said Somkid.

In the case of the Bank of Thailand lowering the forecast of the Thai economy (GDP) in 2020 to grow to a negative 5.3%, it must be admitted that this crisis is heavy. Unlike the Tom Yum Kung crisis where GDP is minus 10% more than that time, people with money hurt themselves. The poor do not hurt because of good agriculture. Local is good, but this time, both the poor and the rich get hurt. Let everyone know what to do in the future is more important. No need to pay attention to how the GDP will delete Because it erased the whole world Now, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is happy to help the world. Because everyone has a problem

Mr Utama Sao, said Finance Minister, said the issuance of the Loan Bill is preparing. The credit limit depends on the purpose. By this stimulus measure The main objective is Want to take care of the economic capacity in the area from immediate problems Is the epidemic of Covid-19 Previously, the government was looking after by sending money directly to the public. Considered to take care of immediate effects But as the event progresses, the economy must still be strong enough to move forward. If there is no care and leave the fatigue Will not know when the economy can move forward

"Regarding the loan, in my opinion I can do it, but please wait when it is clear that you will see the numbers. And will see what this money will be used for at the right time, "said Uttam.

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