Hot News: Bank 'Race' Increase Interest Rates
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Bank 'Race' Increase Interest Rates

Kasikorn Bank Lowered MRR interest rates for individual and SME customers by 0.25% from 6.87% to 6.62%. The Bank of Thailand reduced the MLR MRR loan rates by 15 percent. 0.125 per year and MOR by 0.25 percent per year, while also reducing deposit rates from 0.05 - 0.20 percent per year, effective February 14, GSB reduced interest rates by 0.25%, MRR and MOR interest to 6.495% Per year, reducing interest on fixed deposits - in case of calling for extra 0.25% but maintaining lottery interest rates For all types of retail deposits and retail deposits for retail customers, Bangkok Bank reduced interest rates for MRR loans by 0.25% and MORR by 0.125%.Helping entrepreneurs to reduce financial costs

Mr. Pridi Daochai, Managing Director , Kasikorn Bank, revealed that Kasikorn Bank pilot the cut of MRR rates for individual customers. And SME entrepreneurs customers by 0.25% from the original6.87% to 6.62% in response to the policy interest direction in supporting and promoting economic conditions during the fragile period, both external and domestic factors, especially among customers, entrepreneurs SMEs and individual customers As for the interest rate on deposits Banks do not reduce interest rates on individual savings. But only the interest rate of corporate savings deposits decreased by 0.10% - 0.12% and deposits regularly down 0.05% -0.25%, effective from February 6, 2020 onwards.

Mr Apirom Sukprasert, Manager of Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) revealed that To meet the policy interest rate direction And reduce the cost burden for the customers of the bank in The economic conditions are fragile both from internal and external factors. The BAAC reduced the loan interest rates, consisting of interest rates for farmers, small customers and general MRRs, from the previous percentage.6.875 per year, decreased by 0.125 percent to 6.75 percent per year. Interest rates for cooperatives and farmers institutions MLR from 5.00 percent per year decreased by 0.125 percent to 4.875 percent per year and interest rates Believe the bank overdraft or OD business for individual customers and MOR juristic persons from 6.75 percent per year, reduced by 0.25 percent to 6.50 percent per year Regarding the interest rates on deposits, the BAAC reduced only the special savings interest rates. And fixed deposits for individuals, juristic persons, government officials and state enterprises decreased by 0.05-0.20 percent per year.According to the bank announcement.

Mr.Chatchai Payuhnawichai, director of the Savings Bank, said that in response to government policies to stimulate the economy. The bank therefore reduced the interest rate of the loan by the same rate of 0.25% causing the interest rate Premium Retail Loans or MRR (Minimum Retail Rate) and MOR (Minimum Overdraft Rate) interest rates have been reduced from 6.745% to 6.495% effective from 7 February 2020 onwards

Mr. Suwan Tansatit, Executive Vice President Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited announced that the bank announced a reduction in the interest rate of MRR or Minimum Retail Rate by 0.25% and the interest rate for M loans OR (MOR) or interest rate for a large large class of customers The type of overdraft (Minimum Overdraft Rate) decreased by 0.125%, effective from February 7, 2020.

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EXIM Thailand Invites Applications for the Position of President

Mr. Piriya Khempon, Director of EXIM Thailand and Chairman of the President Nomination Committee, revealed that Mr. Pisit Serewiwattana who has been appointed EXIM Thailand President since June 1, 2016, the fifth since the Banks establishment in 1994, is due to complete his 4-year term of office in May 2020. EXIM Thailand will thus initiate a nomination and selection process for the new President pursuant to the Standard Qualifications Act for State Enterprise Directors and Employees, B.E. 2518 and the amendments. Candidates are invited to submit their applications no later than February 28, 2020.

The applicant must be a Thai national aged not more than 58 on the application date. He/She must possess at least a bachelors degree from an educational institution accredited by Office of the Civil Service Commission, and have no prohibited characteristics according to the Standard Qualifications Act for State Enterprise Directors and Employees, B.E. 2518 and the amendments and the Notification of the Bank of Thailand no. SorKorSor. 13/2562. Specific qualifications required are dependable knowledge, competence and experience in banking and finance, marketing and international economy, particularly with at least 10-year work experience with a financial institution, and organization management with at least 3 years in an executive position of not lower than one rank below the top executive of the organization which has asset turnover worth at least 50,000 million baht per year. He/She must be keen in credit operation and management, have very good command of Thai and English, and possess vision and leadership skill in people management and development, as well as good judgment in decision making and problem solving. He/She must have displayed a personality trait that can be a good example of an executive with adherence to the code of conduct and ethics under corporate governance principles. EXIM Thailand Presidents term of office is 4 years and not beyond the age of 60. Those interested can obtain an application form at EXIM Thailands Human Resources Department, Head Office, 15th floor, EXIM Building, or download the form from EXIM Thailand website Please submit the application form together with supporting documents from today until February 28, 2020 during office hours. For further information, please call 0 2271 3700 ext. 2003.

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'Krung Thai - Department of Employment' has added foreign payment methods.

Mr. Kittipat Piantham Senior Vice President Executive Government Business Division, Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited revealed that Krung Thai Bank Has collaborated with the Department of Employment to post Sign the Memorandum of Understanding, service provision, payment of application fees Fee for work permit and collateral Together with Krung Thai Bank To increase the method of payment of renewal fees Foreign workers by resolution The Cabinet on 20 August 2019 for employers and entrepreneurs. Is convenient Can pay fees 24 hours a day, including can be done outside of office hours by providing payment via Krung Thai Bank via 3 channels which are 1. Teller branches and Mobile Banking vehicles. Service fee is 10 baht per transaction 2. ATM / ADM Service fee, 5 baht per transaction Krungthai Corporate Online, service fee of 5 baht per transaction

Department of Employment Developed systems and methods of service By using effective technology to facilitate a large number of employers and foreign migrant workers In opening the bill payment service Work permit fees And collateral In the process of implementation Simply done When submitting an application for approval through the Department of Employment's e-Service system, then print out the payment receipt document. Use documents that have Barcode to pay the fee through Krung Thai Bank. Then keep the receipt as evidence confirming the bank branches (Teller) and Mobile Banking vehicles can now pay now.Krungthai Corporate Online will be available in early March 2020.

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