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"Krung Thai" Launch

Krung Thai Bank Launched the product "Krungthai SOLUX10F Luxury Index Linked Note", 5-year bond, embedded derivative, based on the luxury stock index of goods and services, sold to institutional and large investors.

Mr. Rawin Boonyanusas Executive Vice President Money Market Capital Market Business Division Krung Thai Bank revealed that the bank has continued to develop new financial and investment products. continuously to meet the needs of all groups of customers Recently, a new investment product has been launched "Krungthai SOLUX10F Luxury Index Linked Note", a 5-year embedded bond, paying a return based on the Solactive Luxury Dynamic Factors 10% Daily Risk Control Index (SOLUX10F), which is a stock index of goods and services. Leading luxury brands around the world such as HERMES, LVMH, FERRARI, PORSCHE, RICHEMONT, KERING, DIAGEO, MONCLER, BURBERRY, PANDORA, ESTEE LAUDER and L'OR?AL, etc. (based on companies or stocks listed in the SOLUX10F index at 30 April 2021) Launched for sale in a limited way to institutional investors and high net worth investors, highlighting 100% principal protection if held until maturity, with a minimum investment of 5 million baht.

Global luxury goods and services business tends to expand continuously. This was supported by pent-up demand following the easing of lockdown measures as a result of higher vaccination rates. especially in China, the United States and the European Union. which is the main customer of the Luxury business

Mrs. Laddawan Meksupha, Executive Vice President, Markets Solutions and Innovation, said that the bank uses its strengths in the money market and capital markets. Focus on launching new investment products To meet the needs of Wealth customers of the Bank who are already familiar with and trust in world-class luxury brand-name products and services. but at the same time There may be concerns about market volatility. Krungthai SOLUX10F Luxury Index Linked Note is another interesting investment option. Because it gives an opportunity to profit from luxury stocks around the world in an uptrend. But if the index gives negative returns The bank will protect the principal 100%.

The Bank will offer Krungthai SOLUX10F Luxury Index Linked Note debentures from June 7-11, 2021 with a minimum investment of 5 million baht. For more information, call. 02-208-4691 and 02-208-4673 or contact Krung Thai Bank in every branch. Investment is risky, investors should study the information and consider carefully before making an investment decision.

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