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BAAC Aim Sustainable Agriculture

BAAC support national Strategy Agricultural development Farmer Development Community and society Along with environmental care. 'Push' Cooperative Systems and SMAEs Leadership in value creation, agricultural productivity. And all marketing channels.

Mr. Apirom Sukprasert, Manager of Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) revealed that the 52nd anniversary of the BOT aims to implement the sustainable agricultural policy.Which is a national strategy. It is used as a framework for the development of farmers and agriculture for sustainable development. There are 5 types of agriculture:Agriculture And organic agriculture Target area 5 million rai.Organic Agriculture, BOT, aims to join the 600 communities and expand the organic farming area by at least 60,000 rai by 2020.

The Bank has provided a green credit facility of 5,000 million baht and a community loan to adjust its production to improve its occupation.Low income people (XYZ) with a budget of 2,000 million baht, coordinated with the government and the organic network nationwide.At least one community in each province supports the production of safe and standard food. Start from the community that has developed the production in such matters.Already 250 are certified organic standards for all communities. Use a participatory organic certification system. Of the stakeholders. (ParticipatoryGuarantee System: PGS. It also supports other communities wishing to participate.

"Organic farming communities in all 77 provinces need to have a well-established production process, including a greenhouse system, a control system, and a packaging plant.BOT will cooperate with the public network to support the increase of online marketing channels as well as the modern market.The market of the good way to shop, A-Shop shop as a channel to sell quality products. Safe food from the community to the consumer. Agroforestry and environment BAAC supports farmers to plant trees in the forest three ways to benefit four community-centered in driving. Under the Link Tree Project Tree

Going to a valuable timber community based on government policy. Planting perennials on their own land and the community. That's the value added on the land. It's like saving or Long-term investment When it comes to financing, it can be planted on its own land as collateral for a loan. Can solve the problem of debt reduction problems.Poverty also increases forest areas. The economy, society and the environment. Currently, there are communities that grow trees with BOT project.Of the 6,804 trees in the park, 115,217 were tree species. More than 11.7 million trees were planted in the country, "said Mr. Apirom.Economic sustainability Focus on debt management for heavy farmers. The measures to extend the repayment period. Support The agricultural sector reforms with the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, such as the modification of production. Grouping for joint production Production optimization Collection and use The cooperative process is headed in a procession driven under the lead market. And the project based model to create a career and value added along the chain in tandem.Immune By promoting savings. Educating Networking And create new heirs to farmers.

BAAC is also assigned to carry out seven national strategies. The results of operations as of September 30, 2018 are as follows:

1) Development and Lifting Plan Farmers with state welfare benefits Those with state welfare benefits of up to 20,000 baht per year, 599,066, can raise their income to over 20,000 baht. There were 146,305 cases, accounting for 24.42%. 20,001-30,000 Baht per year, 284,518 persons can raise their income to over 30,000 Baht per year.74,395 people or 26.15%. Savings for self-development 2.76 million people.Savings increased by 1,636.14 million baht, with an average increase of 591 baht per person.

2) Development plan and support for new generation farmers to be farmers.The farmers and heirs are trained. To develop into a Smart Farmer of 8,000 and upgrading agricultural cooperatives. Community enterprises and SME agriculture to lead the formation of value-added products. Total job creation and income were 7,490.

3) Agro-industrial product roadmap 280 branches were commissioned to operate in the public market.

4) The annual rice insurance program in 2016. There were 1,917,460 farmers participating in the project. The total area was 27.5 million rai.The compensation was paid to 13,916 participating farmers. The area of ??compensation was 122,154.62 rai, amounting to Baht 153.9 million.

5) Immunization program for farmers. There are 1,516,567 registered members.

6) Partnership Development Program

7) The Udom Suk Community Development Plan There are 800 target communities to upgrade to the Udom Suk community.428 communities are in the process of implementing the plan. And to develop the second criterion for further evaluation.

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KBank presses ahead with Customers Life
Platform of Choice strategy

Mr. Banthoon Lamsam, Chairman of the Board of KBank, said that the Thai economy will likely post steady growth in 2019. Despite sagging demand abroad, domestic spending, buoyed by both public and private investments, may play a more important role in bolstering the Thai economic performance. It is expected the Thai GDP growth will reach 4.3 percent in 2019, which would be lower than the 4.6 percent pace projected for 2018 due to the slowdown in the export sector and tourism caused by the high 2018 base and the protracted US-China trade dispute that may dampen the global trade overall. Major drivers for the Thai economy in 2019 may include steady public infrastructure investment and the scheduled general election that will likely help reinvigorate investment climate overall while Thailands interest rates will be on the upward trend amid lofty household debt. Amid numerous challenges, KBanks 2019 business operations will continue to focus on our Customer Centricity philosophy. With this mantra, we will press ahead with the Customers Life Platform of Choice strategy by using K PLUS, which has the highest number of users of any mobile banking applications in the country, to introduce financial and lifestyle services to meet the needs of individual customers. Our financial and IT capabilities will be enhanced further to allow KBank to be more responsive to every situation and become a data-driven bank, thus paving the way toward being a Bank of Sustainability.

With regard to overall goals for 2019, KBank looks forward to achieving loan growth of 5-7%, which would be consistent with the 2019 economic growth, breaking down into corporate loan growth at 3-5%, SME loan growth at 2-4% and retail loan growth at 9-12%. We also set growth targets for our net interest margin (NIM) at 3.3-3.5%, and non-interest income growth at -5 to -7%. KBanks NPL ratio is projected at 3.3-3.7%. Mr. Banthoon added that KBank continues to operate business, based on being a Bank of Sustainability, and under appropriate risk management and good governance. We are also building a balance in economic, social and environmental dimensions via strategies that will enable us to achieve and create sustainable returns over the long term. Such a sustainable development philosophy has been instilled in all of our operations until it becomes part of our corporate DNA, which has helped create maximum benefit for all stakeholders and promote sustainable growth to Thailand.

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TMB Touch is available now for TMB customers

TMB Bank Public Company Limited (TMB) is committed to developing its financial products to meet the needs and lifestyle of its customers, under the concept of "Every day, Everyone Gets More with TMB". To make it more convenient, from now on, customers can easily apply for a credit card, both new and additional one, including TMB Cash 2 Go through TMB TOUCH, its mobile banking application. You can apply for the service anytime, anywhere, just fill out the application form and upload your required documents via the app instantly.

TMB Credit Card is one of the bank's products that offer to its itsretail customers. It has created a distinct advantage over other credit cards by presenting superior experience where TMB customers must Get MORE through three types of credit cards. TMB So Fast credit card enables the cardholder to receive more reward point faster than any other card in the market for every spending. TMB So Chill credit card offers 3% fee waiver for cash withdrawal. And TMB So Smart credit card offers a 1% cashback for every spending. The three types of credit cards also offer privilege that outstands other credit cards in the market that is TMB So GooOD Installment Plan. Whenever you use TMB credit card for any payment from 1,000 Baht per sales slipas many transactions as your credit allows, you get 3 months 0% interest rate installment plan. Customers can make their own transactions through the TMB TOUCH without waiting for the promotion. For more information, please contact TMB Contact Center at 1558 or

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EXIM Thailand Finances Gissco's Production
and Export of Metal Casting Machinery

Mrs. Wantana Mongkolsri, Senior Executive Vice President of Export-Import Bank of Thailand (EXIM Thailand), jointly with Mr. Sangop Thanabumrungkul, Managing Director, Gissco Co., Ltd. (Gissco), and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jessada Wannasin, CEO of Gissco, signed a financial facility agreement worth 5 million baht on November 7, 2018 at EXIM Thailand's Head Office to support Gissco's expansion of production and export of metal casting machinery and equipment using innovative technology for enhanced production efficiency. Among its key clientele are large corporations in automobile and electronics industries, such as Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan, and Hyundai Motor and LG Electronics in South Korea. EXIM Thailand's financial support is in line with its strategy to assist high-potential SMEs in growing their export with emphasis on innovation and production technology development. Gissco is an SME with a success story in translating their R&D into product invention under "GISS" Technology (Gas Induced Semi-Solid Technology) which has won a number of international awards. GISS Technology helps close certain technological gaps for metal casters and parts producers by reducing formation of air bubbles and waste material associated with the die-casting process, resulting in around 20% higher efficiency in die casting, twice longer die life, and significant cost reduction.

"EXIM Thailand strives to support Thai SME exporters, the country's essential economic growth engine, in converting their R&D activities into commercial innovation and utilization while helping to eliminate their financial limitations. This aims to help Thai exporters to compete in high-end markets effectively and sustainably," added Mrs. Wantana.

EXIM Thailand rendered a credit facility of 5 million baht to Gissco Co., Ltd., manufacturer and exporter of machinery and equipment for die casting under its own brand and proprietary "GISS technology," which has earned the company international acclaim. This has been in line with EXIM Thailand's strategy to support high-potential SMEs applying innovative technology to boost their competitiveness in the global markets.

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