Hot News: Phetchabun shallot 'price' good
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Phetchabun shallot 'price' good

Ms. Tassanee Muangkaew, Deputy Secretary-General of the Office of Agricultural Economics (OIE), Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives Revealing the shallot situation In Phetchabun province Which is an important production source of the northern region The predicted production of shallot in 2020 or crop year 2020/2020 (forecast data as of December 2019) is expected to have 3,058 rai of cultivated land, an increase of 2,896 rai in the previous year (an increase of 162 rai Total production increased to 5,884 tons, an increase from the previous year by 5,463 tons (an increase of 421 tons, representing 8 percent) and the yield per area of ??1,942 kg / rai increased from last year. And that is 1,903Kg / rai (increased 39 kg / rai or 2%) due to favorable weather conditions, cool weather and not too hot Suitable for growth The average shallot production cost is 13.36 baht / kg.About 85 - 90 days with shallot products beginning to market from January until February 2020, which will be the most market in February 2020. The price that farmers sell is still in good direction, with the priceHigher than last year (Price 3 February 2020) fresh shallots that have not been dried The average price is 12 baht / kg, while the average fragrant price is 19-22 baht / kg, which will be harvested and hung in the warehouse as

The time is about 12 days. Farmers can store the produce and hang in the house for selling as fragrant. Which will get a higher price than the harvest and then sold fresh As for the shallot trading There will be local merchants Small merchants from other provinces came to buy fresh shallots from farmers. Then hang it in the house As for the big merchants, will buy shallot To send to both domestic and international customers such as Indonesia, Malaysia etc.

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