Hot News: 'Strong fishing workers' Songkhla
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'Strong fishing workers' Songkhla

Ms. Nataya Phetcharat, Director of the Fisheries and Good Governance Governance Center of Songkhla Fisheries Center (FLEC Center) said that from the operations of the FLEC Center in the form of cooperation of 5 organizations Since its inception in mid-2016, the center has helped drive proactive problem solving and prevention of human trafficking. Including creating knowledge and understanding of human rights and helping to raise standards Quality of life of fishery and family workers in a full range At the provincial and local levels According to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (The United Nations)Sustainability Development Goals or SDGs, especially for solving labor and human trafficking problems And promote the coexistence in society happily. The center has carried out activitiesTo increase knowledge and understanding of people in the community Build a network to help prevent human trafficking problems. Violation and illegal labor issues While developing labor as a co-leader to help.Left friends who are at risk or fall victim to another way As for the sustainability of the quality of life of workers and families, the center has implemented activities to enhance the quality of life of workers in all aspects.Covers living Public access Expand the opportunities for compulsory education for children in Thailand Increasing knowledge and sufficiency in agriculture to help reduce household expenses

For families of workers, such as teaching vegetable planting, kitchen gardening Do dishwashing liquid As well as expanding opportunities for workers on fishing boats to access drug use and hygiene knowledge.Continuing the economic and social goals according to SDGs guidelines Both workers and families To be a qualified person, helping to increase the potential for the sector food industry of Thailand And the home country of labor.

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