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Hot News: Insurance Pay Customer in'Korat'
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Insurance Pay
Customer in'Korat'

Thai Life Insurance And Thai Insurance pays 2.7 billion baht in Korat indemnity 'to' provide protection to customers. Victims of the incident At Terminal 21 Department Store, Korat

Mr.Sawat Naruworawongse, Executive Vice President and Chief Life Operation Officer of Thai Life Insurance Public Company Limited, revealed that the incident had shot people in Nakhon Ratchasima.

The company would like to extend our condolences to the families of the dead and injured. In the examination of the information, the company found that the company provided insurance under "Guardian Special Force" by providing protection for personnel.Total of 3 persons in the army, totaling 316,800 baht for death insurance

By granting the compensation of death and additional aid to pay the total debt of 2,315,559 baht and individual life insurance, Khun Suriya Limparat, who is in the process of contacting the beneficiary for Giving a death claim in the amount of 139,510 baht, including the compensation of the death of the company Proceed to pay a total of 2,771,869 baht by the company Will proceed to pay an urgent claim under the Thai Life Insurance Hot Claim Project The company also offers health insurance and accident insurance coverage. To 3 other insured persons who are also undergoing medical treatment.

Dr. Mahatthana Ampharphisit, Managing Director, TIC, revealed that he has urged the team to take care of the claim payment. For the insured who has received damage and has delivered a complete claim after TIC Thai Insurance has examined the information of the company and found that 3 people are affected as personal accident insurance. And car insurance From a shocking event in the mallTerminal 21, Nakhon Ratchasima Province Previously, there was insurance with the company. TIC Thai Insurance has coordinated and immediately paid compensation to the insured. According to the limit that has been covered by all with Complete with regard to fixing and assessing damages.

"We take good care of our customers with the best, sincere, unobtrusive and would like to send encouragement to the Korat people to pass through this event together," said Dr. Mahatthana.

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