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Hot News: General Ledger Digital Subsidiary
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General Ledger Digital Subsidiary

Mr.Bandit Jiamanukulkij, Chief Executive Officer of Generali Group Thailand Reveal the company's performance in 2017 (End of year) Overview of both Generali Thailand Growth from the previous year satisfactory. APE grew by 70 percent from life insurance and GWP grew by 26 percent from non-life insurance. Continuing to grow in 2018, the factor of success for Generali in 2017 is its vision and capabilities. In effective operation. And fast, according to corporate strategy. Many maps have been successfully implemented. Multi-channel distribution growth leap. As our leading insurance group, we continue to work well together, resulting in a 70% increase in APEs from Generali Life (Thailand) Public Company Limited, even as the industry continues to grow. slow down We have been planning our "Digital Environments" strategy for the past three years.

We have been innovating and leading the way in providing digital comfort to customers through our digital lifestyle platform. In the future, in 2018, we have fully integrated our digital aggression strategy. "

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