Hot News: "NBTC must fight for the people" to stop merging mobile phone camps
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"NBTC must fight for the people" to stop merging mobile phone camps

Ms. Supinya Klangnarong, Chairman of the Communications Subcommittee Consumer Organization Council said that the new NBTC mission. is to promote more competition Not going back to the era of monopoly on spectrum. This direction is considered It's very dangerous and shouldn't happen. by referring to the events that It took Thailand more than 3-4 decades to change the telecommunication concession contract system to the license system. It also gives the private freedom to operate telecommunication business anywhere. But what the NBTC has done in the past has not succeeded. is to promote the emergence of a new telecom operator, the 4th operator, which currently has 3 main operators holding market share, namely AIS, True, DTAC. Therefore, the era of free competition is now open, but in the case of True If dtac merged, Supinya expressed concern that will leave the market with only two major operators, consumers will have no choice Become a chick in a handful of large capital groups. The more news AIS will merge with 3BB, which is considered a very dangerous direction and should not happen.

It highlighted several studies pointing to the impact of telecom mergers. with the issue of higher service fees This will be a burden for consumers in an era where everyone uses the internet as part of their daily lives. Therefore, the NBTC must unlock this problem. with the power to vote whether there will be a merger between True and DTAC including the case of AIS and 3BB as well. NBTC must show ethical courage to vote against telecommunications merger If the NBTC has passed a resolution And if the private sector does not agree, then go to the Administrative Court to file a lawsuit. Ultimately, the judicial process will decide whether Will this deal happen or not? Today, the NBTC has to do its duty first.

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