Hot News: Depa continues to solve smart city problems
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Depa continues to solve smart city problems

DEPA executives revealed that the smart city is "Smart City" is something many big cities around the world are moving forward to develop. Which the main goal of smart city development is for "Improving the quality of life of people"For Thailand "Smart City" is a long-term project. The Office of Digital Economy Promotion (DEPA) aims to make development a reality. But development can occur, which must come from the collaboration of many sectors.To find solutions To drive the Smart City project That will respond to and truly benefit the people One of the sectors that DEA pays attention to is support. The public sector through Representing provinces and the private sector, such as start-ups, via the depa Accelerator 2019 program Urban development cannot be done in just one sector, but must be collaborated between the people in the area.Public and private sectors since the end of last year.Depa Accelerator 2019 program has started accepting applications for startups.

Join the project In order to be a part of the creation of "smart city" and selected to the remaining 20 teamsFinally, the project now has activities every week to enhance knowledge and prepare to create solutions. In the development of smart cities One of which is the Smart City Development dialogue with provincial representatives from Smart cities in 4 provinces, namely Chon Buri, Khon Kaen, Chiang Mai and Phuket, which describe problems and needs in different areas for startups. Participating in the project In order to be one of the important information used in Solution development To fix the actual problem

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