Hot News: Symantec Unveils Cryptojacking Business Impact
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Symantec Unveils Cryptojacking Business Impact

Cryptojacking is a new type of threat that has come into its own, "said Shire El-Na Bawi, Senior Systems Engineering Director, Symantec's Asia-Pacific region.The huge profits generated by this new attack. It makes people, devices, as well as organizations. Fall in risk of attack To exploit system resources To coinminers without permission. The target of the attack has spread to all areas from the computer.The home to the giant data center. In Symantec Annual Report It also contains a summary of threats trends. Including in-depth insights on global attacks, the latest cybercrime trend approach. This information comes from the Global Intelligence Network, a cyber-network. The largest private sector in the world The source comes from the sensor. The world over 126.5 million sensors. Covering over 157 countries on every continent.

Cryptojacking attacks More than 8,500% Symantec found. The rapid increase in the value of digital currency has triggered the gold rush of criminals.Trying to make money Using tools Cryptojacking To exploit other people's resources to dig coins. In response to the digital money market That's hot.Statistics show that hacking attempts to dig up digital coin in destination computers have increased by more than 8,500% in 2017, with Thailand ranked fourth in the region.Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ). 18 of those types of attacks around the world.

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True Group Enhances Its International Connectivity with Southeast Asia-Japan 2

True Group and the members of the Southeast Asia Japan 2 consortium (SJC2) signed an agreement with NEC Corporation to build a high performance submarine cable connecting Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, mainland China, Korea and Japan. The latest submarine cable to be constructed by True Group, the 10,500-kilometre cable, has links to 11 cable landing stations in the region and is expected to be completed by the fourth quarter of 2020.The cable will feature up to eight pairs of high capacity optical fibre with initial design capacity of 144 terabits per second, roughly the equivalent of simultaneously streaming 5.76 million ultra-high definition videos per second. Its high capacity allows it to support high bandwidth intensive requirements such as video streaming, higher definition video, 5G, virtual reality applications, artificial intelligence, cloud services, analytics, robotics and the Internet of Things. SJC2 submarine cable project is another significant step of True Group in building key infrastructure for True Group and Thailand. As a member of the private sector, it is our ongoing commitment to support the Government's policy in relation to the nation's economic development. Submarine cable is one of the several projects that will enhance Thailand's international connectivity and support Government's digital economy policy. This cable is deploying state-of-the-art technology and its high capacity will truly enhance our position as market leader in mobile and fixed broadband internet" said Mr. Vichaow Rakphongphairoj, True Corporation Plcs Group President (Co).

Mr. Supoj Mahapan, Managing Director of International Carrier & Alliance Management at True Corporation Plc said "the SJC2 project reinforces our position as the leading telecommunication service provider in Thailand and the region. It reflects our determination to continuously enhance our gateway networks, to support the Groups visions to be the leading digital infrastructure, to fulfill broadband consumers' dynamic demands, and to serve digital transformation needs of our enterprise customers. Together with the global leaders in submarine cable industry in the consortium and its intra-Asia route, SJC2 offers a perfect opportunity for True Group to invest in a submarine cable system which does not only align with our requirement to serve our customers well, but also use the most advanced technology in the industry and the expertise from the consortium members to ensure the success of the project.SJC2 would answer our gateway expansion plan. The SJC2 cable system will not only add sizable bandwidth capacity into our network but also enhance its diversity and robustness. With the growing demand for telecommunication services in Thailand and the region, Group would be able to aggressively expand and strengthen its business operations, contribute greater values for Thailand, and help propel the country to become another regional hub of AEC.

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Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular),

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