Hot News: True Group Launches Game Development Business
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True Group Launches Game Development Business

Mr. Peeraton Kasemsri Na Ayudhaya, Head of Media and Content Management, True Corporation Plc, said that the venture is a combination of AXION VENTURES 'global expertise in the gaming industry and the potential of the True Group. As a full service provider and content provider in Thailand. Established True Acoustic Interactive Co., Ltd. to create world-class game studios. Selected players who specialize in developing games from countries such as Canada, United States, Russia, Italy and Germany to work with Thais create INVICTUS games (invisible). Thailand The Thai Society Recognize the importance of the gaming industry that can generate revenue. Create a sustainable career. GAME MASTER, game designer, game developer, And many other related jobs. Currently, the global gaming market is worth and grows higher than the movie and music business combined. Southeast Asia is the most important factor in the growth of the industry. For the gaming market in Thailand. Over 97% of games are also imported, so we would like to allow Thai game developers to create quality games with professional teams around the world. And it is believed that the launch of INVICTUS (INSECTUS) with premium production will make Thailand a pioneer in the global gaming market. And it will also set a new standard in the gaming industry in Thailand.

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