Hot News: Homepro fights tiny dust crisis PM 2.5
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Homepro fights tiny dust crisis PM 2.5

Mr. Worapote Techatadakul, Acting Executive Vice President of Purchasing Group of Home Product Center Public Company Limited, revealed that from the PM 2.5 dust situation that occurred Make the air purifier become Necessary goods For every home Because it is another help That will make the air in your home more clean Allowing you to breathe effectively and safely has become a product of its must-have for everyone. Resulting in insufficient products in the market There is also a risk of buying non-standard air purifiers. Or ineffective use of HomePro as the leader of Total Home Solution for Deliver good quality of life And helps us shop wisely And the most answer In deciding to buy an air purifier The most important aspect of an air purifier is an air filter.Filter) Most air purifiers Will have the main air filter There are about 2-3 sheets together (some machines may have as many as 4-5 sheets), but essentially (almost 100%) if reputed as a scrubber.

The air will have an air filter. 1. Pre-filter, some brands may call this coarse filter or first layer filter or outer filter. In which its position will be The outermost layer is characterized by small to medium mesh sheets that are sewn frequently. Or some models, some brands, will be a thin sponge sheet Or some models, certain brands Both of them (Both mesh filter sheet And sponge sheet) have Page to filter Or trap large dust Take one layer before going into the next HEPA filter In most cases This type of air filter can be washed and if Sponge sheet Also can be washed.

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