Hot News: DBD invites SMEs to develop a sharp think tank.
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DBD invites SMEs to develop a sharp think tank.
Mrs. Oramon Sapthaweetham Director General of the Department of Business Development The Ministry of Commerce revealed that One of the important factors for doing business in the era of change like today is that entrepreneurs must have 360-degree knowledge, that is, knowing us, knowing them, and knowing our partners. Know your competitors Know/accept modern technology Know business trends And keep up with the trends of the world economy. Most importantly, you must know how to study, acquire knowledge, and be open to new technology. Don't block yourself. Gain experience and skills from the surrounding context Ready to adjust the concept of thinking and apply it to suit the type of business being operated. Developing and seeking new and diverse knowledge will help entrepreneurs to deal with every situation with confidence. Ready to overcome obstacles and aim for challenges and success in the future business world. Department of Business Development Ready to be by your side as a business entrepreneur's partner without leaving anyone behind. Ready to join in creating a business network for SMEs to have trade partners who support, promote, support and expand business together. Most recently, new knowledge has been created. that are necessary for business operations including management, marketing, finance and accounting and knowledge about other matters Under the innovation learning curriculum through online and offline channels, there are over 70 subjects for SME entrepreneurs to choose to learn according to their preferences/business type. and can learn all year long

The online training course on the website https://dbdacademy.dbd.go.th is an e-Learning format that can be learned anywhere, anytime and continuously. without charge Apply for membership and take classes immediately. It can be used by everyone, whether they are citizens or those who have their own businesses. Because there are courses that cover all needs. Suitable for business beginners to professional businesses, 4 courses, 34 subjects: 1. Business startup course, consisting of 12 subjects 2. Finance and accounting courses, divided into 2 groups: 2.1 Accounting course group (counting CPD hours Yes) consists of 8 subject topics 2.2 Finance and accounting course group (CPD hours cannot be counted) consists of 2 subject topics 3. The e-Commerce knowledge course consists of 7 subject topics and 4. The Business Entrepreneurship and ASEAN Languages course consists of 5 subject topics. Learners can print course certificates from the system immediately. After completing that subject

Training courses to develop the potential of business operators (offline) will be training that focuses on specific business groups such as * Franchise business * Wholesale and retail business * Restaurant business *Business related to the elderly * e-Commerce business * Logistics service business * Community product entrepreneur * New generation entrepreneur * Trade association * Accounting professional * Quality accounting office * Business creation Business governance for entrepreneurs, etc. Throughout 2024, the Department of Business Development Has created a total of over 33 courses of knowledge. New courses will be added. Both online and offline that are modern such as SMEs with Climate Change, BCG, ESG to prepare entrepreneurs to deal with every change that will occur. There are guidelines for efficient business management. and drive business parallel to creating sustainability Those interested can view details of each course and subject. Ready to apply for training via www.dbd.go.th

Increasing business skills through learning in various courses and subjects. With the Department of Business Development, SME businesses will be armed with ideas and understand professional business management systems. Expand your business on your own quickly as if you had a professional to give you advice. And most importantly, learning about business innovation sharpens your management skills. 'Study first, know first, move forward, never lag behind' Department of Business Development We invite entrepreneurs and the general public who are about to start a business to receive training. According to the curriculum stated above. Or ask for more details at Department of Business Development Ministry of Commerce, hotline 1570 and www.dbd.go.th, Director General Oramon concluded.

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