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3 New era customer behavior SME drivers

Asst. Prof. Dr. Ake Pattarathanakul, the guru of Thai marketing circles Head of Marketing Department Chulalongkorn University and Chairman of the Executive Board of Thailand Post revealed that no matter what the world situation will be this year. Many marketers still think that Thailand can still grow, so this is an opportunity for Thai entrepreneurs to fight. get ready Aiming to continue to grow The important thing to focus on is knowing your customers well. What kind of behavior do you want in order to present to your heart? At the same time, knowledge of the global economy should be paid attention. Because they all affect costs and factors of production. Most importantly, you need to know how to use technology for the most benefit, revealing 3 important trends in recent consumer behavior, namely: (1) Trust - Focus on quality. It's not just the quality of the product or service anymore, but the image, credibility. and the right design Has become a factor in quality as well. (2) Try - like to try new things. Entrepreneurs should launch new products. stay consistent to create interest Exciting for the brand (3) Trace - Pay attention to the origin of the product. Detailed information about the product has become necessary for consumers to want to know, such as raw materials, production methods. to the transportation information to the hands of customers, etc.

When entrepreneurs are able to offer products and services that satisfy consumers, Asst. Prof. Dr. Ake also emphasized on 4 important techniques for Thai SMEs in moving forward in the new era: "Fast" - readiness to Adapt quickly to consumer trends and changing situations. Know knowledge of how to make the most of the tools and data acquired. Story creatively tell a product story, and preserve Aiming to do business that creates sustainability for society and the environment together.

Pitchyen Hongpakdee, founder of Anitech, a Thai electronic product brand have shared experiences in doing business As an entrepreneur who has been successful in leaping growth for more than 15 years, the guidelines for entrepreneurs who want to grow sustainably are that You need to know your customers well and focus on turning them into regular customers. Because the business can survive from repeat purchases of the same customers. And this group of customers can also help spread the word. Share your brand story or even refer new customers To get to know and know the customer's mind Data should play an important role. The era of old marketing is over. that still relies on past information This often leads to uninteresting product/service presentations or customer analysis using assumptions, predictions that do not rely on any data. as a measure because of the present Customers change all the time. brands should study Use data that brands collect or acquire to determine behavior. in order to determine the direction of effective marketing.

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