Hot News: The 'Face scan' system fights high -ranking thieves?
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The 'Face scan' system fights high -ranking thieves?

While the world rotates into the digital age Hytech criminals rotate according to innovation. Modern technology as well.

Current bank Must have a headache with criminals That goes into the customer Millions of money damages are damaged.

Various styles that these robbers Create to deceive the people There are many cheats, including Link, SMS, Call Center, both the style of lullaby.

Resulting in various banks Adjust the offline and online transaction system to fight these high -tech criminals.

For example, KBANK uses the SCAN system in front of the bank service. The opening of the newly opened books or connecting the bank transfer, money transfer, etc.

But not that this new innovation Can easily extract criminals Next, criminals would think of new methods. New styles

Therefore, Thai people in this era must be careful of all forms of financial transactions. Must be aware of the various squares of criminals.

Especially teenagers, the elderly workers are the target group, which these thieves mean to suck information and money.

Anything unusual, don't press Link or Share or make financial transactions. Hurried too Must check the source Check with the bank again.

In accordance with Thai proverbs "Slowly get a beautiful big knife" If financial transactions are too fast The money will run out immediately.