Hot News: Schneider Electric launches digital services proactive service
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Schneider Electric launches digital services proactive service

Mr. Warachai Chaturasataporn, Vice President of Field Services Business in charge of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar, revealed that Digital transformation You don't have to do it all at once. It can do what is needed so businesses can measure ROI (Return on Investment). With EcoStruxure technology being both architecture and open platform, with IoT and AI capabilities, our digital services are the most comprehensive. It reflects a constant commitment. To be a leader in digital transformation help build flexibility and solve customer problems Including customer business in the future In addition to regular field service And Schneider also has experts to take care of the analysis. That will help improve the efficiency of the customer's electrical system even better. Including the issue of safety, both in terms of assets and people, helping to adjust from timely maintenance. or time-based which must shut down the entire system which affects business Become a bass conditioner resulting in a reduction in maintenance costs and loss costs in stopping production lines while increasing operational efficiency Including creating sustainability Schneider Electric's Digital Service represents a new dimension in electrical maintenance services.

It's not just field service alone. Digital services are also integrated, with EcoStruxure providing IoT and AI-powered analytics capabilities. Outstanding services include EcoStruxure Service Plans, a new dimension in electrical system maintenance with digital services throughout the contract life. which provides services covering Schneider Electric's IoT systems as well as providing equipment and improve the equipment that customers have By bringing digital technology to help transform the new electrical system with software. analysis system and digital connected devices Reduces the risk of power outages Reduce maintenance activities Reduce the cost of own operations Reduce unplanned downtime and extend the life of equipment and assets. EcoStruxure Asset Advisor provides guidance on electrical distribution and operation of electrical equipment. Evaluate real-time data from connected electrical equipment. Use advanced analytics to identify potential threats. Provides the ability to anticipate and resolve problems before problems arise. Reduce security risks Avoid unplanned downtime operational losses and expensive maintenance Which customers or users can do by themselves and can also use the Service Bureau, which is an expert from Schneider Electric who takes care and provides services 24x7.

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