Hot News: OPPO invites Lazy Coup-Offtography Show Nice THAILAND
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OPPO invites Lazy
Coup-Offtography Show Nice THAILAND

A person with a white coat The theme of this year's imagine IF x Reno Portrait Awards 2024 is 'Stand Out, In Portrait', reinforcing OPPO's belief in the power of making moments more memorable. and life's unique milestones immortalized through the art of portrait photography. Every press of the shutter captures not just a picture but a story, a moment, and an emotion, transforming it into a portrait that stands the test of time.

Photographers like Khun Kim and Khun Nu, an influential couple from the Lazy Coup page, as well as Khun Off from the Offtography page, were invited to take pictures of Thailand in a way they had never experienced before. to present various aspects the beauty of Thailand, and with the OPPO Reno11 Series 5G, OPPO has aimed to show its newfound appreciation for Thailand. which is famous for its culture and a wide variety, OPPO firmly believes that OPPO Reno11 Series 5G will be able to convey the essence of the Land of Smiles through timeless photographic stories.

Reinforcing Thainess: OPPO encourages professional photographers to record important moments. One of the professional photographers invited by OPPO to capture the beauty of Thailand is Lazy Coup, a travel publication started by Kim and Khun Nu, a couple with a passion for travel. and profound creativity The most recent destination the two photographers visited was Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, which has the largest chrysanthemum garden. There are more than 20 species of chrysanthemums covering an area of more than 9,600 square meters. To perfectly capture the essence of the atmosphere, Lazy Coup has used the Portrait Mode 2x feature of the OPPO Reno11 Series 5G, which not only zooms in on the object. But it also shines a spotlight. and provide images taken during the twilight hours. Memorable moments are easily captured with the OPPO Reno11 Series 5G. Mr. Kim said: Taking pictures with the OPPO Reno11 Series 5G is convenient, easy and fast, giving us more time to admire the beautiful atmosphere of our surroundings. When I took a photo of my lover using a smartphone I was able to take the time to watch the moment of her smile and instantly capture the moment within a short period of time.

OPPO Reno11 Series 5G continues to raise the level of smartphone photography capabilities for enthusiasts and professionals like the Lazy Coup, an innovative smartphone that gives photographers the opportunity to take professional-quality photos. occupation All in a sleek, modern design. The powerful Sony IMX709 sensor is the star of the show. Powered by a 2x telephoto camera, it allows for extremely accurate portrait shots even from a distance. Content creator Offtography found joy in capturing everyday and festive moments on the streets of Nakhon Sawan Province during the recent Chinese New Year. It's the event that everyone has been waiting for. Offtography has explored every nook and cranny of the lively festival. Ready to capture small moments Under the bright lights and a refined local flavor with OPPO Reno11 Series 5G

Offtography also meets with Chinese opera houses. And take photos backstage with the OPPO Reno11 Series 5G that will immortalize the emotions of the festival performers as they rehearse. Makeup and clothes Mr. Aof said, I like that OPPO Reno11 5G allows me to take selective focus photos. This means that the hair will have a clear front. and the background is blurred without reducing resolution. Provide realism and can convey a variety of emotions and feelings. OPPO Reno11 Series 5G comes with OPPO's Ultra-Clear Portrait camera system and photography algorithms with flagship-level processing. Unlock the ability to capture powerful portraits in any lighting condition. It allows professional photographers like Offtography to beautifully capture the beauty of Thailand. OPPO welcomes all smartphone photographers to join the opportunity. This exciting exploration of their artistic expression and bring creativity to life through OPPO smartphones

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