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Hybrid work 'New equipment-Lenovo

Mr Thanet Angkasiri Sanop, General Manager, Leonovo Indochina, revealed that the current remote and hybrid work is more popular. Concepts about technology solutions 'One-Size-Fits -all' or the same way, can be used for everyone. Therefore cannot be used anymore Which from the survey, we found that CIO of various companies More than half 2 are investing in digital changes. Both employers and employees are looking for modern and suitable tools. Which not only has to meet the standards But still have to provide flexibility and convenience To stimulate both effectiveness and to support working together The new device and software that we launched today are an important component of a complete range of ecosystems that have both processing power. Creating virtual images And software that can be adapted The technology that comes with these devices will bring effective work. And give a better team experience. Thinkvision 27 3D, 27 -inch monitor that supports 3D and 2D images without using glasses. The creators and those who work about content want to work in a long distance that are like working together. And require more effective processes to create 3D content, from 3D graphic designs and 3D games to 3D videos to meet the needs. Leonovo then launched the Thinkvision 27 3D monitor, which is an advanced 27 -inch screen. Which supports the presentation of both 2D/3D without using glasses to look And is designed to create more realistic connections and working together

Thinkvision 27 3D can upgrade the performance very much. By reducing the energy processing of 3D rendering at the same time, providing a smooth usage experience in both 2D and 3D mode, precisely, 4K images, combined with a 99% pro precision. (DCI-P3, Adobe RGB) makes this monitor a ideal tool for professional content creators. The 3D monitor will see two separate images. So that each eye can see the object from a slightly different angle This process will give a sharp stereo vision and in -depth awareness of creating natural and effective three -dimensional images. In addition, Thinkvision 27 3D also comes with built -in speakers and connection channels, including plugs. USB-C? And support the module camera Add function and convenient charging function. The new 3D monitor comes with 3D Explorer software, which will create a comprehensive ecosystem for creation and viewing. This 3D solution is an easy -to -use platform for Users access all 3D3 applications, along with the ability to upgrade the operation and convenience. At the same time, control and efficiency

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