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Little Hotelier
'Point'small Hotel Hit

Little Hotelier, a complete accommodation management system Award-Winning Small Lodging Business 'Reveals' New Data from SiteMinder's Analysis of Over 100 Million Bookings.

Supakrit Phansomboon, manager of Little Hotelier Thailand, reveals that the environment is constantly changing. Knowledge has become a powerful force. Providing accommodation providers with insights into changing traveler booking behavior will be able to develop further business and surpass competitors this year which has sufficient information to make pricing and marketing decisions It is considered an important factor that makes the Thai accommodation business successful. and which channel This is a very good starting point.

Little Hotelier is an award-winning system built to help small accommodation businesses manage their properties. With over 8,000 users worldwide, it offers a comprehensive all-in-one solution for system administration. Increase operational flexibility Little Hotelier is powered by SiteMinder, the global leader in open platform hotel commerce.

“Interesting data reveals the top 12 channels that generated the highest bookings for the Thai accommodation industry in the past year. including other interesting information which is expected to affect the business this year Most of the information is released to the public for the first time. Especially revealing the changing booking behavior of people looking for accommodation in Thailand, "said the manager.

Top 12 Best Hotel Booking Channels in Thailand Shows a change in the booking behavior of domestic tourists. Including the success of generating direct bookings with accommodation through the website in 2022., Goibibo & MakeMyTrip and Luxury Escapes are booking channels from China, India and Australia respectively, climbing to the top 12 of Thailand's top booking channels for 2022 thanks to increased international travel. meanwhile Direct bookings through the property's website remain third in Thailand. although it was surpassed by other channels in 42% of the countries surveyed.

The top 12 hotel booking channels for 2022 based on gross revenue are: 1. 2. Agoda 3. Hotel website (direct booking) 4. Expedia Group 5. Hotelbeds 6. 7. Goibibo & MakeMyTrip 8. Traveloka 9. WebBeds 10. Luxury Escapes 11. Fusion Holidays12.

Little Hotelier: The return of Chinese tourists to Thailand. by the end of January Bookings from Chinese travelers to SiteMinder and Little Hotelier managed hotels have increased by 41% in the six weeks from mid-December. Thailand has higher bookings from Chinese than other countries. It shows that Thailand is the country that Chinese tourists are most interested in traveling after COVID. The time between booking a hotel and checking in is longer. The average booking length has increased from 15 days in 2021 to 21 days in 2022 in Thailand, showing that travelers are increasingly confident in booking and traveling.

Rising room rates The average daily rate (ADR) for properties in Thailand has increased by 35% compared to 2022, which is 24% higher than the global average. But still higher than 2019 with an average cancellation rate of 21% in 2022, down from 26% in 2021, but still higher than in 2019 when the cancellation rate was 15%. increased rest The average length of stay for tourists in Thailand will increase to 2.26 days in 2022, up from 1.98 days in 2020 and 2.07 days in 2021, higher than the 2022 global average of 1.93 days.

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'Salinse snapper' Fin


This summer Finers have visited the delicious food ... At the Di Methinee Restaurant.

Steamed snapper menu by hotel chef's chef Which cooked this menu is mellow, fresh fish, fresh, fresh, eaten.

For all the foodies who are FC, fish menu, do not miss the steamed snapper, fresh salmon or fish sushi, etc.

Along with the variety soup, including Thai soup, Thai soup, including various colorful salad vegetables And variety sauce Taste according to personal lifestyle.

Who passed by the Wireless Road? Try to visit the 5 -star chef food at this hotel.

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