Hot News: "Coca Suki" enhances COCA Delivery service in response to the Covid-19 crisis.
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"Coca Suki" enhances COCA Delivery service in response to the Covid-19 crisis.

Miss Nattaree Panphensophon Chief officer Coca-Cola International Operations Executive Officer, COCA Delivery, said that the COCA Delivery service is beginning in 2019 in order to expand the restaurant to be closer to customers. We also sell the characters of Coca Suki to customers via delivery. Raise the strengths of a variety of dishes. Premium, freshly prepared. Every dish has a unique look and taste. Allow customers to eat food that is nutritious, clean, safe, as if lifting the coca to their own home. Importantly, the Coca-Cola concept will also raise the Suki pot to the customer's home. With an emphasis on the original crafting principle Meaning every dish is prepared freshly With a professional chef At this point, customers will feel the quality of the food. Which is different in just the eating area Direct port reinforcements To move towards consumer behavior, making COCA Delivery a new strength that is quickly responded From the revenue proportion of up to 25% in the first year of service But the turning point for the delivery of delivery Expansion to rapid success It is inevitable that the 'Covid-19' in 2020, in which consumers are facing delivery service. In unison resulting in COCA Delivery getting full benefit, but on the other hand, it is considered an opportunity to announce strengths 'Sukiyaki for health' is cooked, clean, without chemicals, enhancing good health. At a time when consumers need more immunity

"The crisis of the Covid-19 virus Causing the eating behavior of consumers to change The first thing is that they will use more delivery services. Next is the need for healthy food. In order to build a strong immunity And the important thing is to not give delivery restrictions Let's create the monotony of the food menu. Which coincided with the strengths of COCA Delivery to fit the situation in this situation Both the way that the delivery menu is the same as in every shop Taste like eating at a restaurant It can be eaten alone or in pairs as a family, and we want everyone to have a Sukiyaki spoon. The spoon is as delicious as eating at a restaurant. Spacing apart to look after one's own hygiene And create good immunity in COCA Feel Good food style. COCA Delivery is available to order via LINE @cocarestaurant Ready to partner with all of the big food delivery application providers, Grab, GET, LINE MAN and Foodpanda. The service covers 7 branches throughout Bangkok. By each application Will have different strengths, such as a special discount of 50 baht in Grab, buy 1 get 1 free in GET or the default shipping cost of 10 baht from LINE MAN and in the situation of the virus outbreak. Covid-19, COCA Delivery service via @ The cocarestaurant will charge you for the actual delivery. And there is a space for Social Distancing delivery. Also, all shipping costs will be given to the delivery staff of the store or Coco Man every baht, every satang.

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