Hot News: Exports 'India' peaked
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Exports 'India' peaked

India's exports in May totaled $ 2.886 billion, up 20.18 percent from a year earlier.Imports in May amounted to $ 4.348 billion, up 14.85% from May last year, while the May trade deficit was in May.$ 1.46 billion Compared to May last year, which was $ 1.384 billion.Thailand's exports to India are projected to grow 8.5-10.0% from 2017 at $ 6,500m in 2018, with support from:

The Indian economy is recovering strongly. And the virtue of enforcing GST that has helped many consumer prices decline. And cost of service business. In addition, the Thai-India FTA and ASEAN-India Free Trade Agreement It is also positive for Thai exports to Thailand.India's exports are likely to grow in the Indian market.

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