Hot News: "Commercial" Strict steel pipes imported
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"Commercial" Strict steel pipes imported

Mr. Adul Chotisirikorn, Director-General of the Department of Foreign Trade, said that the Department of Foreign Trade, as the secretary of the dumping and subsidy committee (DTAC), has opened an investigation of steel pipes imported from Vietnam. After the steel pipe manufacturer in Thailand filed a complaint to the Department that steel pipes imported from Vietnam are dumping. Selling goods in Thailand is cheaper than the same product sold in Vietnam. So, let's open up the segment to consider antidumping measures. (AD). The investigation process will take one year to verify whether there is dumping or real subsidies as the Thai manufacturer actually complain, if within 1 year after the opening of the investigation. After that, if the steel pipe imported from Vietnam is found to be dumping, the domestic industry will be affected. actual damage It will announce the results of the investigation and import tariffs on imported goods in the first layer.

The internal industry of Thailand filed a complaint that steel pipes imported from Vietnam are dumping. It was found that the price in 2017. Vietnam's steel pipe exports to Thailand at a ton of 2.19 billion, which is included shipping costs. Meanwhile, the import of steel pipes from Vietnam in 2017. Imported quantity of 1.78 thousand tons, up 22% from the amount of imports in 2019, the volume of 1.45 thousand tons.

The Department has also launched an inventory of melamine-based kitchenware imported from China. It was launched in November. 2017 after the domestic industry complaints. The results of the inquiry will be coming soon. It will be 1 year, which is the imported goods that have been claimed that dumping.

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