Hot News: "Shuhui-Hybrid"
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Mr. Sonthi Sithichirovong, Minister of Commerce Revealed later as presenter. "Upgrade your flagship store to Blue Flag". The Ministry has launched the application. "Boo-Hybrid" is to push 30,000 flagship stores nationwide to distribute OTOP products from MOC Biz Club and SMEs through channels. Online Only the shop owner has a smartphone or tablet, and download and install the "Shu-Hybrid" application can be launched online. The Hybrid Shoe Store It is a policy to strengthen the flagship store, Blue Sky Public Company, which joined the Ministry of Commerce. Because of these stores. Will sell products through offline. Or just sell through the store. However, it will be possible to expand the marketing channel by using e-commerce system to help manage. The shop can sell products online. This will reduce the cost of the store and increase revenue.

For the application of the Shoah-Hybrid The flagship store must be downloaded to install. And confirm the identity of the store. The manufacturers also have to download the same. To upload products to the system. The details of the product should be expected. The flagship store is expected to be the flagship store. And to increase distribution channels to the community. It will help boost the economy. It is expected that the circulation of money in the system is not less than 1,000 million baht a year.

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